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9 Dic 2007, 10:17

I could never really make a top list of any albums that I feel happy about after. There's something about me and my reaction to music that keeps shifting and shuffling that creating a hierarchy representative of my response would prove to be outdated as it is inadequate. So you would guess that I would never try my hands on ranking songs that I like, especially if it concerns a band such as The Beatles, with their rich and expansive discography. But I do love writing as I do love music, so I have decided to write about ten songs that have left their mark on me. Commercial pop song or a psychedelic tune, these songs have that certain charm that made me take notice, a certain something in them that made them standouts. But make no mistake, these aren't necessarily my favorite songs, and like a banging hairstyle, tomorrow it may all look exaggerated and shame-worthy. So I suggest you consider this as a few highlighted lines and tables in the textbook which is the Beatles, which we are all blessed to have.

Maxwell's Silver Hammer (Abbey Road)
A song about a murderer, or just a certain Maxwell struggling with authority, I don't exactly know, but everything about this song fits perfectly. Iresistably catchy, you just have to sing along. Abbey Road is full of theatrical interlocked songs and a more experimental and expansive musicality, but a good old pop song veering away from love and loss is never ever a bad thing.

You've Got to Hide Your Love (Help!)
There was a time when I listened to this song non-stop. Help! is a personal favorite and is a very credible collection of rock & roll tunes mixed with some songs of emotion such as this one. I always thought that this song represented what Lennon really brought to the Beatles, deep and heart-felt emotion.

Hello Goodbye (Magical Mystery Tour)
Amidst all the psychedelia and the nostalgia displayed in the album/soundtrack, Hello Goodbye is radio-friendly buck-earning pop song. But it doesn't mean that it doesn't deserve praise. I love how it starts as a lament of frustration and defeat, but it has that easily dismissable back-up vocal which turns the table around. Look for it.

Blue Jay Way (Magical Mystery Tour)
Considered as filler by some because of its transitional feel, Blue Jay Way still is a classic in its own right. Yes, George may have said some of the lines one too many times, but it has a killer rhythm that could have probably been more popular if it was treated differently (like the instrumental granduer of say, Penny Lane). But this song has its own charm and should never be dismissed.

And Your Bird Can Sing (Revolver)
Somebody tell me what this bird exactly is! But albeit the confusion and the theories, it's a pretty awesome song. I'd like to think of it as a song for big-headed know-it alls, and how we're still there for them. Probably to mock them.

Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (Rubber Soul)
Another story of deep emotion from Lennon. Although not a fan of the sitar in songs such as Love You To, this particular one is a huge exception. Rubber Soul contains songs of a similar vein, like Girl, that's why the whole album is really one of the higher points of their discography.

Lovely Rita (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)
The consumate Paul McCartney track: simple, sweet and catchy as hell. The rumour that this was about the girl that Paul was staring at when he got hit by a vehicle is a different story completely, but this one never fails to put a smile on my face.

Martha My Dear (The Beatles (The White Album))
Similar to Lovely Rita, except the instrumentations are in a sort of build-up, which is really great. It starts with simple piano and all throughout adds some horns and trumpets, making it more majestic while retaining its simplicity. Moreover, there's a very sweet tone to Paul in this one, as the song sounds more like a plea than anything else. Endearing at the very least, which is very signature Paul.

No Reply (Beatles for Sale)
What a bitch.

Sexy Sadie (The Beatles (The White Album))
A song about John disillusionment towards Maharishi during their trip to India (or so I'm told), but I would like to look at it as Lennon's frustration on the world and how things are versus how things should be. Probably another foreshadowing of his solo work, but the lyrics are as powerful as that piano playing in the background. A true classic.


  • santi_monse

    Nice journal =) They're all great songs! Regards!

    10 Dic 2007, 3:41
  • fakehead

    Martha My Dear is perhaps one of my favorite Beatles tunes. Glad to see some recognition!

    15 Dic 2007, 19:24
  • luishernando

    ...I wish I knew a girl named Martha, a girl named Julia, a girl named Michelle.

    16 Dic 2007, 2:59
  • santi_monse

    Well, Julia is a common name in my country ^^

    16 Dic 2007, 5:19
  • fakehead

    and Prudence.

    16 Dic 2007, 6:37
  • santi_monse

    ...and Rita perhaps?

    16 Dic 2007, 8:49
  • fakehead

    I hear ya, man.

    17 Dic 2007, 3:50
  • Cannsaw

    Blue Jay Way is my favourite Beatles track forever. How it could pass people by as filler I'll never understand, it struck me as brilliant straight away. My favourites: Blue Jay Way I'm Only Sleeping I Want To Tell You Strawberry Fields Forever I Am The Walrus I Want You (She's So Heavy) Because While My Guitar Gently Weeps Come Together Good Day Sunshine Here, There And Everywhere Revolver is the best.

    9 Jul 2008, 3:28
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