• My Life - The Soundtrack (2010 rmx)

    26 May 2010, 19:40

    Opening Credits: "History" by Mos def
    Waking Up: "Feeling good" by Nina simone
    First Day At School: "Whateva man" by Redman
    Falling In Love: "When i look in your eyes" by Outkast
    Fight Song: "Burn you alive" by Army of the pharaohs
    Breaking Up: "Greedy bitches" by Ghostface Killah
    Prom: "Ohh" by Dj quik & Kurupt
    Life: "Tight rope" by Brother ali
    Mental Breakdown: "Walkinonit" by J dilla
    Driving: "City lights" by Method man and redman
    Flashback: "Take a look back" by The alchemist
    Getting back together: "You are my sunshine" by Ray charles
    Wedding: "So into you" by Saian supa crew
    Birth of Child: "Hey young world" by Snowgoons
    Final Battle: "Weak spot" by Wu-tang clan
    Death Scene: "The burning of the midnight lamp" by Jimi hendrix
    Funeral Song: "Home" by Bone thugs-n-harmony
    End Credits: "i'm gonna stay" by Dj Babu
  • My Life - The Soundtrack

    13 Sep 2008, 22:19

    Opening Credits: "Truth is" by Brother Ali
    Waking Up: "Three little birds" by Bob Marley & The Wailers
    First Day At School: "Basin street blues" by Kid Koala
    Falling In Love: "I've never seen" by Rza feat. Xavier Naidoo.
    Fight Song: "King Kong" by Sean Price
    Breaking Up: "Stop!" by J Dilla
    Prom: "Hey Ya!" by Outkast
    Life: "One life" by Last emperor feat. Poetic & Esthero
    Mental Breakdown: "Stress" by Organized Konfusion
    Driving: "Picture me rollin'" by Tupac Shakur
    Flashback: "The Birth (Broken Hearts)" by Rza
    Getting back together: "Tooken Back" by Ghostface Killah feat. Jackieo
    Wedding: "Sheherezad, My Beloved (The Greatest Love Story Ever Told - Chapter I)" by Cilvaringz
    Birth of Child: "Young son" by Brand Nubian
    Final Battle: "Lucifer" by Jay-Z
    Death Scene: "Chronomentrophobia" by Outkast
    Funeral Song: "Heaven" by Nas
    End Credits: "Misunderstood" by Common