The Whitlams, Wrest Point Casino, Hobart, Saturday the 4th of November


5 Nov 2006, 15:37

Beauty In Me
Life's a Beach
Fall for You
Been Away Too Long
Made Me Hard
Fondness Makes The Heart Grow Absent
You Sound Like Louis Burdett
Royal in the Afternoon
I Was Alive
Year of the Rat
No Aphrodisiac
Blow Up the Pokies

Tim Solo:
Charlie No.2
12 Hours
The Curse Stops Here
Keep The Light On (Band started up half way though)

Fancy Lover
She's Moving In
Stay With Me
i will not go quietly
Charlie No.3
Laugh in Their Faces
Short People (Randy Newman)
I Make Hamburgers

A Photo:

A Short Video of Short People:

What a great gig, the best Whitlams show that I've seen yet. I'll edit and actually put something in this review later on. If your reading this and it's no longer 2006, then you can safely assume I was too lazy to finish the review.


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