• Good news for Ihsahn and Spiral Arcitect fans!

    5 Abr 2009, 20:38

    Drummer Asgeir Mickelson is going to the studio to record the drums for Ihsahns 3rd album!
    See forum post by Asgeir here.
    I'm sure Ihsahn will give us yet another masterpiece, and I'm looking forward to hear it!

    The post from Lars Nordberg also reveals that there is some (but not much) activity in the Spiral Arcitect lair!
    There has been rumors floating around for years, but this should be good news for fans of SA.
  • Extra stats on my top bands from 01/01 to 30/06 2008

    2 Jul 2008, 19:20

    Thought I'd make a little journal entry with some extra stats on my top 5 metal bands and my top 5 progressive rock bands so far this year.

    Just for myself to look back on. Maybe I'll do this every 6 months.

    This is also an example of a feature I'd like to see on a future version on last fm:
    The ability to pick out bands and see a graph over srobbles per month, week or similar.

    So here is the prog rock chart so far this year:
    #1 Gentle Giant 526
    #2 Rush 242
    #3 Dream Theater 108
    #4 Popol Ace 106
    #5 Happy the Man 105

    I actually discovered Gentle Giant this year, and I am very glad I did! They will probably climb towards the top in the 6 months to come.

    Two other new bands in my chart is Popol Ace and Happy The Man.
    I discovered Popol Ace when doing some reading about the Norwegian singer Jahn Teigen. He was the singer in Popol Ace on most albums. I bought their _best of_ record and Stolen From Time, and they got some very good songs. Too bad that the record company didn't want to spend enough money on them. They made the right kind of music at the right time, so with the right kind of promotion they could've been much bigger.
    Jahn Teigen was actually asked to join Genesis when Peter Gabriel Left, but he and the band had big plans for Popol Ace, so he turned them down.

    The other new band, Happy the Man, is a band i discovered while reading about Gentle Giant. I've only known them for one month, so I'm expecting to see more of them on my charts in the future. Very good band!
    So far I've listened mostly to Crafty Hands, their second album.

    And finally the chart presented in a wave graph:

    Click on pic to zoom

    How sweet would it be if could create something like this for you, eh?

    The metal chart:
    #1 Meshuggah 180
    #2 Ihsahn 146
    #3 Blotted Science 132
    #4 !T.O.O.H.! 124
    #5 Deadborn 112

    Click to zoom

    Meshuggah and Ihsahn released their new albums this year. Both are albums I was really looking forward to, and neither of them dissapointed me!

    Ron Jarzombek, Alex Webster and Charlie Zeleny in the same band? W00t? That was my reaction when I read the lineup of Blotted Science - The Machinations Of Dementia. Perfect blend of HEAVY and PROG!
    If you like your technical death metal and haven't heard !T.O.O.H.! or Deadborn... Well, then you've got a job to do. Not similar bands at all, but both are amazing bands.

    Wave graphs created with Extra stats
  • Bands I've seen live [updated 10/03-09]

    31 Ago 2007, 14:15

    This is a list of bands I've seen live.
    Lastest updates is underlined/hyperlinked.
    Concert hilights is in bold.

    3 Inches of Blood 02 August 08
    Allfader 15. september 07
    Amon Amarth
    Anaal Nathrakh
    Angerman 25 april 08
    Animal Alpha
    At The Gates 02 August 08
    Autumn Inspiration
    Bad Religion25. June 08
    Behemoth25. June 08
    Benea Reach 19 September 08
    Black Debbath
    Black Label Society
    Blood Ceremony 3 Jan 09
    Blood Red Throne x4
    Borknagar x2
    Brutal Truth
    Cannibal Corpse x2
    Carcass 02 August 08
    Carpathian Forest
    Children of Bodom x3 01 August 08
    Circles End
    Cradle of Filth 15 Jan 09
    Cynic x2 01 August 08
    Danko Jones
    Dark Funeral
    Dimmu Borgir x326. June 08
    Divinity Destroyed Worst band I've ever seen, worst music I've ever heard! AAARGH!!! Warm up for Sceptiflesh, Satyricon and CoF 15 Jan 09
    Disturbed 25. June 09
    Dream Theater x2
    Dødheimsgard x2
    Enslaved x2 20 September 08
    Faith no More 25. June 09
    Farout fishing
    Flogging Molly 25. June 08
    Gamma Ray
    Grave 01 August 08
    Gorgoroth 01 August 08
    Green Carnation x3
    Ground Zero System
    Guardians of Time x2
    Harm 6 September 08
    Hatebreed x2 02 August 08
    Immortal x3
    In Flames x2
    In Minor x2
    Iron Maiden 31 July 08
    Keep of Kalessin
    Kief 3 Jan 09
    Krakow 20 September 08
    Kreator 02 August 08
    Lamb of God
    Lullabye Arkestra 3 Jan 09
    Machine Head
    Made By The Fire
    Mambo Kurt
    Meshuggah x2
    Misery Index
    Mnemic 19 September 08 Suxx!
    Morbid Angel
    Opeth x3 17 March 09
    Ozzy Osbourne
    Pagans Mind x2
    Primordial 26. June 08
    Prostitute Disfigurement
    Queens of the Stone Age x2
    Ram Zet
    Red Harvest x2
    Satyricon 15 Jan 09
    Scariot x2
    Scepticflesh 15 Jan 09
    Second Shadow
    She Said Destroy
    Six Feet Under
    Slayer x2
    Sodom x2
    Stonegard x2
    Susperia x2
    Symphony X 29. september
    The Allseing I
    The Prodigy 25. June 09
    Tömmermenn x2
    Trendkill x2 19 September 08
    Trail of Tears
    Wyrd Visions 3 Jan 09
    Zerozonic x2 25 april 08
    Ørkenkjøtt 20 September 08

    Bands I hope to be able to see sometime in the future:

    Circus Maximus
    Strapping Young Lad
    The Devin Townsend Band