A Good Opportunity, But...


14 Feb 2012, 23:42

Sat 11 Feb – Georgia Theater

...not what I hoped it'd be.

I can't believe I'm about to type this, but I think I prefer canned MMW to the live version.

Recordings seem to be the only place that "Where's Sly?" lives on, which is one of the largest reasons I like MMW.

The three tore it up, especially Wood, as usual. What a champ! But for some reason I wasn't able to join them on their improvisational trips. It was kind of heartbreaking, being at a sort-of-rare show for a band I grew up on but not really clicking with them.

I am glad that I went, but will stick with my inner machinations of MMW, the ones I've grown up with.


  • SatchTheDog

    i don't get it....you're saying you like the studio recordings better?

    19 Feb 2012, 13:23
  • lordaardvark2

    Yeah man, isn't that ridiculous? I'm saying the pleasure I get from the recordings and the pleasure I imagined I'd get from the live show are both greater than the actual pleasure I got at the actual show. It's a story of expectations, disappointment, and confusion. To elaborate, the solos felt stale at the live show. MMW didn't really seem into it; the crowd at large didn't really seem into it; I didn't feel it. There were some decent soloy bits, but they felt stale, like I said. I think the explanation IS the amount of records they've released-- I think they've constrained their ability to REALLY improv, to really go with the music. For example, they started with Night Marchers. I thought, "Cool! Very unique, punchy, powerful song... I like where this is going!" Yet somehow the live version didn't get me any more than the recorded one(s) do. I think they stuck pretty solidly to the structures that they put on their records, and I feel like that isn't really the heart of the band. I enjoy their variety from song to song; I assumed this variety was indicative of a creative energy that would overwhelm me at the show. But the show seemed like 3 guys playing their records live, not really making the beautiful, explorational, intriguing music I'd hoped. It felt soulless to me. Stale. And I feel really bad for saying that because I've loved MMW for years, but I just did not feel this show. If you'd like me to clarify any other points, just let me know!

    19 Feb 2012, 16:37
  • SatchTheDog

    i see what you're saying...i agree to an extent

    25 Feb 2012, 12:31
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