• Thoughts on avantgarde

    9 Abr 2007, 19:31

    I'm a huge fan of the whole avantgarde/post-black scene, even moreso than of the progressive genre that makes my socks rock so hard. I guess that it just amazes me to no end seeing these whole load of bands coming out of the protective shell that such a closed minded genre as black metal(it is by definition) can offer.

    Through the years bands like Solefald, Arcturus, Borknagar, Ulver and many more have escaped from the constraints, while gaining the enimity of BM fans that feel insulted by the lack of "metal awareness" these bands have. It seriously reminds me of the 13th century "religious" science that kept the world in darkness because they would not allow heretics to be.

    Thankfully, mankind has progressed and old perverted spanish priests can't condemn you to a pyre anymore(can't they?), just as BM fans can't force these bands to keep themselves from experimenting in such a broad way. And a consequence of this is that albums with so many levels of awe and wonder as Neonism or Disguised Masters exist and can wide our eyes to a new perception of music.

    When I think of avantgarde, my mind always associate the phrase "expect the unexpected", which would be quite the way to describe bands like Arcturus or Vintersorg or Ulver. Personally, I love that phrase, it just gives me the feeling of what an artist should be, not just the basic elements thrown over and over, or the capability of remaining loyal to a fan base or a genre; I guess that for me art is an experiment, a constant experiment of selfevaluation and reinvention, because the moment you start playing it too safe is the moment you really lose focus about what music is about.

    If i remember correctly, it was Darkthrone's Fenriz who said that people eventually get tired of frosty cake, so he offers them very raw bread instead, i say that if people gets bored of frosty cake, then give them a steak, and when they get bored of the steak then give them strawberries.

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  • New thing

    8 Abr 2007, 23:42

    New user and stuff, time to start adding some of my advanced musical tastes into this place, i guess.......

    Well, gotta get my ulver discography back. Again. Hope to put more things that rocks socks here.

    I've been listening today to some progressive awesomeness out of the brilliant minds of the likes of Michael Akerfeld, Muhammed Suiçmez and Thomas Youngblood. But currently I'm listening to the Blackwater Park from Opeth; Bleak is currently playing(awesome track) but I'm holding my hope for the next song which is my favorite from that album, Harvest