Choice Lyrics from my top 15 Artists


17 Nov 2008, 6:39

15. The fate of your life
may very well be determined only
by how good you look in white...

Subtle Middleclass Stomp

14. But killing's hardly a weapon for you
Your wasted space is mine too

My Bloody Valentine (When You Wake) You're Still in a Dream

13. She has - her griefs and care
But the soft words are spoken so gentle, yeah

Otis Redding Try a Little Tenderness

12. Revolution, man!

Klute Revolution

11. And don't feel bad the next time my memory comes creepin'
You've got your own bed now, I suggest that's the one you sleep in

Husker Du Terms of Psychic Warfare

10. All of your friends are cunts
Your mother is a ball-point pen thief

mclusky Gareth Brown Says

9. She sits in a tub and relives, stories she never lived
And it makes me feel blank, it makes me feel blank like I missed

The Jesus Lizard Bloody Mary

8. Stop making that big face!

Aphex Twin IZ-US

7. Tragically decided that
Every child of god's a brat,
And she's dying to escape them

Guided by Voices The Best of Jill Hives

6. All the clouds are in past tense

The Olivia Tremor Control Dusk at Cubist Castle

5. You are not what you own

Fugazi Merchandise

4. Write it on a postcard
'Dad, they broke me'

Pavement Stop Breathin'

3. It's my favorite shot of you
You looked so pretty, your eyes were true

Sonic Youth Wish Fulfillment

2. Our band could be your life

Minutemen History Lesson - Part II

1. Follow me through a city of frost-covered angels
I swear I have nothing to prove
I just want to dance in your tangles
To give me some reason to move
But to take on the world at all angles
Requires a strength I can't use
So I'll meet you up high in your anger
Of all that is hoping and waiting for you

Neutral Milk Hotel Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone


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