If My Life Was A Teen Comedy...


22 Mar 2008, 10:08

what would the soundtrack be? I'm going to use my playlist to find out! What I do is: I play my playlist and write the song for each catogory without skipping - even if the song's wrong - I will only skip when I've done this catogory! Here goes! The tracks will be listed, along with comments! You can have a go if you like. :)

Opening Credits:

I'm with You Not good - it's sad. :(

Waking Up:

Shut Your EyesHow ironic!

Arriving At School:

ABC That fits!

Boring Maths Lesson:

House of CardsThat could work!

A New Crush:

LollipopHa, ha! Random!


Dancing in the Moonlight Perfect! :D

First Date:

It Won't Be LongGood! :)

First Kiss:

ConorNo, no, no!!! It's too sad!

Fight for Your Right Err, wrong!

Back Together

Saving My FaceWRONG!

"I Love You":

Come TogetherWRONG!!!

Closing Credits:

Being for the Benefit of Mr. KiteWhat an odd way to finish!


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