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9 Ago 2008, 14:25

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First Song: The Gold Torques of Ulaid
Last Song: In Mist Shrouded

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First Song: A'salk
Last Song: * *

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First Song: Intelligence is Sexy from A.m.g.o.d.
Last Song: Untitled 8 from ( )

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First Song: Voices in the Wind (0:15)
Last Song: Symphony No.10 in E minor, op.43 (54:56)

Top 3 Most Listened Songs:
1. Chrome
2. Barriers
3. Closure

The 3 Most Recently Added Albums:
1. Vespertine
2. Worldfall EP
3. With Oden On Our Side

Search Results:
Love: 144, including: Day Eleven: Love
Hate: 43, including: Hate Is the Law
Life: 101, including: Facts of Life
Death: 616, including: Death Delerium
White: 46, including: White Robe
Black: 466, including: Black River
Sex: 28, including: Sexy Boy
Creation: 37, including: Engines of Creation
Destruction: 2, including: Black Spell of Destruction
Girl: 47, including: Sour Girl
Boy: 17, including: Boy on a String
Day: 249, including: Some Day
Night: 150, including: Wholly Night

Total: 6914 items, 25:07:57:41 total time, 46.20 GB


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