• Eir Aoi's Moscow Live

    2 Dic 2014, 14:21

    Sun 30 Nov – J-FEST 2014
    Personally, I don't like Eir Aoi's voice very much, but since it's rare occasion in Russia, I decided to visit the live.
    The hall had capacity of 1000 seats and was more than fully occupied (up to 1100 visitors).
    She started with "AURORA" song and came down the scene right after the start to rouse the hall (I didn't expect it, speaking honestly). Due to staff not mentioning that photo (video) is prohibited, it was one big mess during first 5 minutes, though it didn't seem to confuse Aoi too much (or at least I hope it was so).
    Following, "Sanbika", "Sirius", "MEMORIA" songs…
    Let's stop here. MEMORIA is my personal favourite and not just because of Fate/Zero. The song is very different from usual Aoi's style (ah, that's why I like it) and was performed very emotional on the live. Eir Aoi have continuously tried to rouse the whole hall with claps, random yells, russian words. Regretfully, the hall was very passive, excluding first 3-4 rows.
    Next songs: "Niji no oto", "Tsunagaru Omoi", "INNOCENCE" and "IGNITE".
    In the start of the last song, she asked the hall to stand up and "become a single whole".
    The last song had the best reception and smoothed rather-passive reception from the hall.
    Let's talk about positive points then. Her voice is a real thing and didn't differ significantly from what you can hear on recordings. Very energetic and lively choreography coloured up the live pretty good.

    During the talk show later, Sakurai (japanese staff) made an announcement about the birthday and asked the hall to sing a "happy birthday" song (russian staff should've done this instead of the first idea, yeah). Aoi was touched and even cried a little.

    Overall, it was nice live and I hope Eir Aoi have enjoyed Russia. It was her dream after all!
  • Hiromi's Trio Moscow live

    23 Abr 2014, 4:00

    Mon 21 Apr – Hiromi The Trio Project at Moscow International House of Music
    The Moscow's Music House hall was filled on 70%, which is not too bad, because Hiromi isn't very known in Russia.
    They did play Move and few other old tracks, but mainly it was a presentation of an upcoming album (July 2014). The album will have many classic piano parts and aggressive and abrupt transitions. Track called "Alive" was a real challenger, as she said herself, and you will understand why really soon.

    Everything was hot and amazing, but russian sound engineers simply cannot work properly. Simon Phillips's drums muffled not only Anthony Jackson's bass, but Hiromi's piano as well… The only one track my ears didn't feel tense was Hiromi's solo track — and it's not good, the whole show's sound was too loud.

    Well, let's stop criticism, they played great and even gave us an encore (Love and Laughter?) after 3 minutes of applauses.