Flashback: Goldie - Timeless


29 Sep 2007, 2:10

Goldie - Timeless

FFRR, 1995
drum'n'bass, jazzy, atmospheric, jungle

It's been over ten years since Goldie released this [at the time] hailed drum'n'bass hit. I take this flashback (first among the many to come) to find out how really Timeless this release was after all..

I've got good news folks! Even though the production is a bit rough around the edges [especially further into the album - the piano feels really re-sampled], this breaky and jazzy record by the "father of drum'n'bass" is still a classic.

Timeless, the first 21+ minute track on the release still holds its ground with light beats and deep bass. The tale of Inner City Life in three movements keeps my attention until the end. Diane Charlemagne's vocals are implanted into my brain [who by the way still lays down her unforgettable pitch bends in Cyantific's Don't Follow track on Ghetto Blaster (Hospital Records)].

In all honesty, if you don't own this release in your collection, I wiggle my dated finger and say "shame on you" - Amazon still sells used copies for only $2! And if you're already a fan of this release, don't forget to check out a real treat of Inner City Life on the double CD version with remixes by Photek and Rabbit In The Moon.

Any comments on Malice In Wonderland? I totally missed that release and am about to pick it up. Just wanted to warm myself up with a favorite first.

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