New favorite song by letter list


8 Nov 2009, 3:24

I haven't looked at the journal entries I've written here in ages, probably not since 2007. It was very interesting to look back at the entry about my favorite songs beginning with each letter of the alphabet. The purpose was to be able to look back and see how my tastes have changed, and they definitely have (although not drastically). Here goes:

A = Atmosphere
B = still Bizarre Love Triangle
C = Cemetery Gates
D = Disorder
E = Enjoy the Silence
F = Float On
G = even though it sounds like a lullaby -- or maybe because it sounds like a lullaby -- Goodnight Lovers
H = Here Comes Your Man
I = In A Big Country
J = Joan of Arc
K = The Killing Jar
L = Lonesome Tonight
M = Man in the Mirror
N = Now My Heart Is Full
O = Out Of Control
P = Policy of Truth
Q = Question of Time
R = Reptile
S = Shock the Monkey
T = my current all time favorite -- Temptation
U = Under Pressure
V = Valentine
W = The Wolf
X = X-Files Theme
Y = Your Silent Face
Z = Ziggy Stardust

There were a lot of songs that it was really difficult not to include, but I tried to be as disciplined as possible -- only my absolute favorite song for each letter could be listed. That was especially hard when it came to the S's.


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