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6 Feb 2006, 0:12

Music inspired by traveling, for traveling or about traveling

A while back I visited two different classrooms of second graders listening to Flight of the Bumblebee for the first time. The music brought the students to life. They could hardly remain in their seats. One girl zig-zagged in her seat as if she were a bumblebee. In both classes, the teachers spent the time asking the students to sit still and be quiet. In honor of music that makes me and others squirm like bumblebees, I have created the
[t]traveling wo my passport[/t].

Particularly in the winter, I get the jones to travel. I thought maybe this would pacify my desire until I’m able to pick up and go. It’ll probably only be tortuous and make me want to travel more. Onward with the torture!

Jet Sounds
Ground Level
Sun Ra - Space is the Place/We Travel
Thievery Corporation – International Flight
Sun Ra – We Travel the Spaceways
One Way Ride
Bon Voyage

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov - Flight of the Bumble Bee

(there's more - but right now, I'm too sleepy to put them up.)

Just as clarification (and a bit of a rant on “world music”) – the tag is music that is inspired by traveling or movement, not the genre referred to as world music.

Even if someone were to tell me: “It sounds like a pink elephant, with his trunk reaching for the sky while swimming up current in a river of harmony,” I would find this descriptor more helpful than world music.

*now stepping off soap box*

If you have ideas for music that makes you squirm away like a bumblebee – list away. I need more – more – more.


  • talking_animal

    Speak No Evil, especially the title tune, is the most perfect driving music; it always makes me think of long car trips through the desert. Something about the piano comping in the head while the saxophone and the trumpet play long extended notes creates a wonderful balance between hard and soft, long and short, decaying and sustained. It's music to budge by.

    6 Feb 2006, 2:17
  • lgsunshine


    6 Feb 2006, 2:23
  • e-jazz

    You may add on that What We Must.It sounds perfect while on the road!

    6 Feb 2006, 10:20
  • Ria_Bacon

    Michelle Shocked - We've come a long way brings back happy memories of driving through West Africa, of all places. It was more a relationship thing rather than geography. Something all out like, Fania All Stars - Bim Bam Bom is guaranteed good driving.

    4 Mar 2006, 3:21
  • lgsunshine

    :) - I can't wait for summer to head out on the road with this collection.

    13 Mar 2006, 0:00
  • talking_animal

    June 24th you gas up and go, right?

    13 Mar 2006, 4:20
  • lgsunshine

    That's my hope - even if it's just to get down to chicago for the day. :)

    13 Mar 2006, 14:20
  • Tyler_Durden_

    Andrés Calamaro - El día de la mujer mundial hahaha that's one hard to get!! (world's day of women)

    6 Jul 2006, 10:32
  • superhelga

    This makes me urge for a car. Nothing is like listening to music while watching the world move around you like a film outside the carwindow. Driving in car is perfect for singalong, shoutalong, wailalong to beloved favorites. In a car, youre always a star! Listening to Vidar Busks album [album]Venus, Texas[/album] always makes me want to go on a long hot dry american roadtrip in an old sexy convertable car. Like the good old movie clishe.. Or just become a professional truckdriver To bad Busks track drive on is not streamable. I would recomend it for your drivingcompil

    2 Ago 2006, 17:45
  • jtrane

    Music inspired by traveling, for traveling or about traveling. Well, I think I can fulfill that part of the requirement but the squirm like a bumblebee not always so much. However, most should at least move your feet, and quite a few your soul. :) Ok, join me now as we all put on our [b][color=#000099][i]Retro-Spectro-Scopes[/i][/color][/b]: [1.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Magic Bus [2.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Night Train [3.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Highway '49 [4.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]On The Road To Find Out [5.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]High Flyin' Bird [6.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Truckin' [7.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]On the Road Again [8.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Riders of the Storm [9.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Like a Rolling Stone [10.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Goin' Up The Country [11.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Ramble On [12.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]The Best Way To Travel [13.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]The Roads My Middle Name [b]I think it's safe to take'em off now:[/b] [14.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Maiden Voyage [15.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Route 66 [16.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Astral Traveling [17.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Pack & Roll [18.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Out of This World [19.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Take The A Train [20.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Out There [21.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Drive Away [22.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Just a Ride [23.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Beyond the Blue [24.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Learning to Fly [25.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Let it Ride [26.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Long and Winding Road [27.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Oslo In The Summertime [28.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]The Arrival of Tink & Flight to Neverland [b]And for the trip home:[/b] [29.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Last Train Home [30.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Comin' Home [31.][color=#FFFFFF]─[/color]Slow Pony Home There you go....,

    20 Ene 2007, 20:56
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