Top 10 One Year Later


24 Jun 2007, 15:43

1. Rush
Rank in 2006: 1 (unchanged)
First Song: Working Man. Must have heard this on FM radio in Toronto circa 1975.
First Love: In the End. My first entry into Rush was the just released All The World's A Stage album. "In the End" was my first favourite.
Current Favorite: Armor and Sword. From 2007's Snakes & Arrows, the guys show that they're still rocking and writing great music after 30+ years in the business.
Trend: Still my favourite band.

2. Porcupine Tree
Rank in 2006: 6 (up 4)
First Song: Blackest Eyes Saw that these guys opened for Yes. Bought In Absentia and was hooked.
First Love: Trains The best track on In Absentia, IMHO.
Current Favorite: Trains Still their best, although Fear of a Blank Planet is getting a lot of plays on my iPod.
Trend: Excellent stuff, although Fear of a Blank Planet is not knocking my socks off like Deadwing did.

3. Dream Theater
Rank in 2006: 7 (up 4)
First Song: As I Am Blew me away.
First Love: As I Am
Current Favorite: Constant Motion off of the new album is great.
Trend: 2006 was the year of Dream Theater for me; superb musicianship, when it comes together, magic.

4. The Tea Party
Rank in 2006: 3 (down 1)
First Song: The River Again on Much Music.
First Love: The River Sounded like nothing else at the time.
Current Favorite: Halcyon Days Probably the best mix of East and West rock.
Trend: Unfortunately, TP has disbanded so without new music, I expect them to slip down the charts over time. Great band though.

5. The Tragically Hip
Rank in 2006: 2 (down 3)
First Song: Little Bones On Much Music when it came out.
First Love: Little Bones Was the official party tune of that summer.
Current Favorite: It's a Good Life If You Don't Weaken Not the typical Hip song; great guitar work.
Trend: I haven't purchased World Container yet; just haven't found the energy yet. Which is too bad, the Hip were close to my favourite band in the 90's.

6. Genesis
Rank in 2006: 10 (up 4)
First Song: Dance on a Volcano In someone's basement circa 1976.
First Love: Follow You, Follow Me On FM radio
Current Favorite: Watcher of the Skies Back to the Gabriel days for my favourite.
Trend: This surprised me somewhat; I didn't think that I listened to a lot of Genesis. But the numbers don't lie. With Gabriel still better than without in my opinion.

7. Coheed and Cambria
Rank in 2006: 4 (down 3)
First Song: The Crowing Heard this on a flight home from Tokyo on American Airlines of all places.
First Love: The Crowing Again, C&C sounded like nothing else at the time.
Current Favorite: Welcome Home The new album rocks.
Trend: Still like their stuff a lot, however #4 in 2006 was probably just a timing thing.

8. Peter Gabriel
Rank in 2006: 9 (up 1)
First Song: Solisbury Hill FM radio.
First Love: Family Snapshot At university in 1980, we played the 3rd Gabriel album into the ground.
Current Favorite: Humdrum Great track.
Trend: Again, a bit of a surprise.

9. Yes
Rank in 2006: 8 (down 1)
First Song: Roundabout Again, FM radio.
First Love: Close to the Edge It's a toss-up between this and...
Current Favorite: And You and I
Trend: Solidly in the top 10; again no new music means they'll likely not move up.

10. U2
Rank in 2006: 5 (down 5)
First Song: Gloria On campus radio circa 1981.
First Love: Where the Streets Have No Name I obsessed over this album while living in London, UK in 1986-1989.
Current Favorite: Elevation No great reason for putting this first, other than it opens the Sloan Castle concert DVD.
Trend: Again solidly in the Top 10.

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