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Dementia praecox.

Moved to my main account again - if I know you from somewhere and you are on my friend list, don't hesitate to send me a friend request there. I'll be grateful.

"Which way I fly is Hell; myself am Hell;
And in the lowest deep a lower deep
Still threat'ning to devour me opens wide,
To which the Hell I suffer seems a Heaven."

Minä kuulen ääniä päässäni.
Haista vittu.

Hello, I'm a genetic failure with 47 chromosomes and with distorted brain. (Do I have any brain? Whoa.)
And yeah, I come from Finland.

I'm stupid, unintelligent and boring as hell. I have no talents and I suck at life. I tend to be insecure and dangerous for others among me. I listen to shitty music which I should be ashamed of. I drink kindling for barbecue and I fight with the polar bears near my house which is covered by snow through the whole year. I live in the middle of the forest and I take my knife everywhere. I kill myself every night, especially at the winter. I drink my own blood. People are scared of me and they probably find me disgusting. My point of view on many things is distorted. I'm annoying for everyone and nobody wants to talk with me because I'm brainwashed, shallow, narrow-minded or simply I'm an idiot.
Anything else? Now go away. Thanks.

If anyone has still any doubts: yeah, you're watching my ugly face right now. I think it was clear.
I get this account because this way I can pretend that I'm cool.
I'm morbidly obsessed with Sweden and the Swedish kitties. :3
And... I love to be the founder of dumb groups nobody wants to join. I'm fucking proud of it, yeah.

Q98.0, H81.0, F20.0, F42.1, F50.8, F80.0, F98.6

I'm so hopeless, I should kill myself.
Voices in my head are right.

If I send you a request/accept your request, it means that you're special in my eyes.

Maybe I'm not a human, but also definitely I'm not a thing to collect. Thanks.

My brain is a very random thing.

Concert world map

Hell yeah.

I don't go to the sauna and I don't eat reindeers.


My last.fm journal contains a lot of useless crap, which makes me happy somehow.
I'm a talentless writer. No matter, my every work sucks anyway.
Taking a conversation with me is terrible: either you don't understand what I say because of this or you cannot read what I've written because I love to rape emoticons after every sentence. :3
And probably I have the sexiest avatar on the entire site, hahahahaha. :3

...but sometimes I am very serious.

I'm deaf and I still play with the music! It's wonderful, isn't it? :3

My groups list says more about me than this section. Just because I've never been good in describing myself.
But I have some friends. And I love them so much.

+ I have no gender.

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