• 2 hours and 25 minutes until my birthday!

    11 Jul 2007, 2:38

    Wowwww I'm excited! I get to see Bob Dylan on my 20th birthday! What a great day tomorrow will be...especially because I just happened to realize that my birthday this year is the same forward as it is backward...


    I should buy a lottery ticket tomorrow haha

    I also made a very killer playlist for my b-day. It contains a lot of happy, summer, kick-back music and of course, Birthday by The Beatles, which I plan to play at midnight :)
  • "It's been a pleasure!"

    4 Jul 2007, 16:49

    Soo Tool at DTE last night blew me away. I mean really, the concert was right up there for the most amazing I've ever been to. The band sounded great, the visuals were AMAZING (the lasers, the lighting on the band, and the images on the screens). As I remember it, the setlist was...

    46 & 2
    Lost Keys
    Roseta Stoned
    Wings For Marie
    10,000 Days
    Lateralus (complete with extended drum solo by Danny Carey)

    I'd been waiting in great anticipation for this show for months now, and as high as my expectations were, the show was even better. Got a great spot on the lawn, where no one around was really loud or annoying, just enjoying the show. I think I might have been the loud annoying one, because I was screaming and yelling and rocking out the whole time. But whatever, I go to concerts to have a good time.

    The band came out and everyone went crazy. Maynard was wearing a flourescent orange jacket when he first came out, and then he said something like "Good evening, Ohio!" But then after a ton of people booed, he said Michigan. Then he asked if we were ready to get our socks wet, hahaha. Then they went straight into Jambi. Wow. Amazing opening. Maynard was doing a funny dance and Danny Carey is a fucking machine on those drums. Adam nailed the talkbox thing and it sounded really cool. After Jambi, it was Stinkfist. Great energy from the crowd, and the band extended the song somewhat. 46 & 2 was next, and then Schism with an extended intro (which everyone went nuts over, because it's probably the one Tool song that everyone knew, even the casual fans). Lost Keys/Roseta Stoned was great, and they put some crazy visuals up for that.

    The best experience of my life was when they played FLOOD!!!! I was hoping for Flood in the setlist, and we got it! It was fucking magical, man. The screens behind the band with the rain were perfect...Maynard's silhouette on the screen along with the intensity of the song itself and the band's playing were perfect. Couldn't have asked for a better performance of this song.

    The band took a little intermission after Flood, and before they started playing again, the whole crowd started sparking up their lighters. It was really beautiful to look across the lawn and the pavillion and see over half of the crowd with their lighters up. Then the band went into Wings/10,000 days. I've never seen better visuals at a concert in my life than I did with these 2 songs. There were blue and purple lights and smoke on the band along with blue lasers that swept across the pavillion in the beginning. It just got even better...they used these green lasers that were wide enough to catch some of the moving sky background from the screen so that it looked like the laser was projecting a sky as well. It was beautiful, and I've never seen visuals so intense. Complimented the songs and really enhanced the feeling of them. Words really aren't good enough. You had to be there to feel it.

    After Wings/10,000 days was Lateralus, with a mindblowing added drum solo by Danny Carey. You would never know that DC tore his bicep at the start of this tour, because he is so intense and powerful on that drum set that you expect the ground to move and a thunderstorm to begin. He is the best, he plays from his soul and you can see it. The whole band does, really. That's why Tool is so great. Plus Maynard put on a giant basketball jersey which looked like a dress on him.

    So after Lateralus, Maynard said that "it's been a PLEASURE," and something about how when there is a great crowd to encourage them they appreciate it. Then Maynard said something like, "wow, these guys are really fucking tall (about basketball players), they should get their thyroids checked." Hahaha. Then he said "we'll see you in Grand Rapids," to which the guy next to us replied "FUCK VAN ANDEL!" Haha which is true...anyone who has been there would agree. So then the big closer was Vicarious. Great energy and crowd participation, Maynard even held the mic out to the crowd towards the end for us all to sing "Viiiiiicariously IIII live while the whole world diiiiies," and after they were done the crowd was roaring for a good 5 minutes. The band did the group hug and threw some stuff out to the crowd. I'm glad us Detroiters made the band feel welcome and were really into the show. An amazing experience, and I'll never forget this concert.

    The only complaint: a solid hour of sitting in my car after the concert before we could even move a foot to get out of the lot. I was home by 2:00 am though, so it could have been worse.
  • Spiral Out

    3 Jul 2007, 1:02

    I really don't know if I can wait until tomorrow evening to see Tool. I'm so excited I'm going to explode. They were amazing at the Fox last time I saw them, and my hopes are high for this show...