The Billy Joel Concert


9 Feb 2007, 20:10

Wed 7 Feb – Billy Joel

(Okay, so during the show I quickly took down the setlist, plus a few funny quips (Billy really was hilarious, I must say) and embellished it on the way home/here at my dorm. Also, Mollie is my roommate, who went with me.)

There was a screen, not on the sides, but on the little thing hanging down. The ony thing was there was a big light fixture right in the middle of it. So I couldn't really see him on it, but sometimes could catch a glimpse of his profile.

Well, before the show really started, there was some classical type music playing and everyone cheered. All the lights went out and then when they came back on the piano was on the stage and there was Billy!

1. Prelude/Angry Young Man ~ Holy shit his hands are fast. (His wife is so lucky. ^_^) I love this song so much.

2. My Life ~ *happy sigh* I simply adore this song.

He welcomed us all, and gestured toward us, in the way up there seats and said "I just want to thank you for buying the shitty seats." He said that the people behind the stage kinda had shitty seats, too, but then he said it was okay because a piano player sits sideways. He pointed to the people behind him, saying that they were outof luck. He told them not to worry, saying "We're gonna make it so everyone has shitty seats."

Then he started to introduce the next song. "This song is from 1975. You weren't even born, were you?" Oh Billy. ;) He mentioned that it was not really about himself, but how he felt about the music industry at the time.

3. The Entertainer ~ This song cracks me up. When I played it for my mom once she said "WHAT?!" when he said the line about learning to "dance with my hands in my pants." ^_^ Afterwards, I thought it was ironic- we haven't forgotten him at all! During the song his piano turned around, so he was facing each section of the crowd at some point.

He introduced Dave Rosenthal, on keyboards and then asked someone if they could tighten up his mic. It was loose, and he demonstrated this by spinning it around. It then came back and hit him. :P Then he was like "I hate it when that happens."

Next he introduced the next song. "We haven't done this song since the 1970s either. We might screw it up. If we do you'll get an authentic rock 'n roll screw up."

4. Stop In Nevada ~ I'm not super familiar with this song, but I do know it. It's pretty, and they performed it very nicely- no screw ups. :)

5. Allentown ~ I love this song! I always sing it when we drive through PA. ^_^ I love all the little "Shh, boom, cha" type sounds like in the original.

During the next break he introduce Tommy Burns on guitar. As he introduced the next song, he said it was "always fun to play."

6. Zanzibar ~ I think I squealed a little bit at this one. ;) "I got the old man's car, I got a jazz guitar." I love this song!

During that song there was a horn solo, done by Carl Fisher. By this time his piano was where it started, and he said "That's all the special effects for tonight. The piano move this way, the piano moves that way." ;)

Then people were shouting at him, calling his name etc. Finally he said "What? Like I can understand you from here. Fheo fjef hfheifh. I don't speak Serbian." I dunno, made me giggle!

"This is another song which might be a bit obscure to some of you, but we like to do that kind of stuff. It's also one we haven't done since the 70s. It's from the album Turnstiles." There was some cheers from the crowd. "Yeah, that's about how many people bought it back then."

7. I Love These Days ~ I know this song from the tape I have of this album, but it's not on my iPod! I don't know why- I swore I had it. O_o Oh well, I know the song, and like it. It's very pretty.

He started to introduce the next song, saying it was from The River Of Dreams. "This is a song that we hardly ever do." Then one of the guys started talking to him, and he was like "Oh. You want to do that one?" Then some guy in the audience started making Indian sounds. It was humorous. Then he was like "Nevermind what I said. I couldn't read the setlist. This is from an album that came out in nineteenfhjdhfemm...1980, called Glass Houses. Its called 'Don't Ask Me Why.'"

8. Don't Ask Me Why ~ It was really funny- he started like screeching at the start. Not really sure what that was all about, but it made me smile. When he went to start the actual song, after the intro, he couldn't say "uno, dos, tres, quattro" properly, and started laughing, and had to start again. ^_^ Love this song, too.

Now, he said, they were going to play the song he was talking about before. He said it was one he always wanted play more, but never know people would react to it. "Now, I don't want to grease you...but this is the first show of the tour...If it doesn't fly we might take it out back and shoot it."

9. All About Soul ~ OMG. There are no words for how excited I got. I'm in love with this song!!! I think it's my most played Bily song in my iTunes. If it's not the top, it's pretty high. Anyway, I flailed and shouted a lot. :D

"Ok, we'll keep that one for a while." :D

10. New York State Of Mind ~ Pretty song. It was funny, you know how the song has a long intro? Well people didn't really start cheering for it until he started singing. As if they didn't know what song it was. :P Also, it was cool how he would inflect his voice at the end and the sax player would improv to kind of copy him. Very, very nice.

I missed the name of the sax guy, but like I said, he was really good.

He introduced the next song by saying it was the name of a Broadway show, and I squeed a bit.

11. Movin' Out ~ What can I say? I love this song. He is so good live!!!

Next, he stood up and walked to the edge of the stage with a microphone, and someone else (the guy who was on keyboards before, maybe?) got on the piano.

12. An Innocent Man ~ Good lord, I love this song!!! I loved his little body movements like hugging himself, or "protecting" himself etc that went along with the lyrics. He had one pose that Mollie and I deemed The Jesus Pose. I do believe I got a picture of it. ;) Anyway, his falsetto kind of slays me. ^_^

Afterwards he introduced the bass guitar player, Andy "say-shawn" (don't know how to spell it!). Unlike the others he wasn't from New York or New Jersey, he's from Brisbane, Australia!

When he went back to the piano he said, "I'm an innocent man...And if you believe that I'll sell ya the Brooklyn Bridge." ;)

13. Keeping the Faith ~ Another song that I really, really love. The only "complaint" I have is that there were insanely bright lights during that song. ^_^ The light show really was fabulous, though.

14. She's Always a Woman ~ Oh, this song. ♥ During this song, I accidently hit the wrong button on my sk, and navigated away from the update page. When I got to it, everything I'd written was gone, and I was so upset!! However, when it finally finished loading, it was back, and all was good. I only minorly freaked out. ;)

15. I Go to Extremes ~ He started this song out with something I can only describe as a primal scream. XD Another favourite. Seriously, I'm so stereotypical! Haha. I love all his greatest hits. :P In my defence there are a lot of other songs from his albums that are not well known that I love, too. ^_^

16. The River of Dreams ~ This song is so fun! I used to be obsessed with it when I was younger. When it would come on I'd get really excited and turn it up and sing along. I really liked the part that goes "In the middle of the, I go walkin' in the..." etc.

Billy next introduced Crystal Taliefero on percussion, sax, "you name it." She was really good. You could tell she was really into it and having a blast.

Then he stood up and the piano went down, and he put on an electric guitar. Seriously, I fell even more in love. XD He started talking about one of the road crew guys, and how he was going to come out and sing a song. He said that he was going to sing a religious song. He also said something about him not making the cut on American Idol, but that they stil believed in him, and asked us to take a chance. He also said this dude's name was Chainsaw.

The guy came out, dressed...oddly. He had a tshirt on with cut-off sleeves, and like cut-off sweat pants, or long shorts or something, and black socks pulled up halfway to his knees. As he comes on stage Billy starts playing this riff, and I'm like "Oh my God!!!!!"

17. Highway to Hell ~ Very good. This Chainsaw dude sounded just like the AC/DC dude. Billy on guitar kind of made my night.

18. We Didn't Start the Fire ~ I don't even know what to say about this song. Billy was still on guitar, so it made it extra amazing, I looked around and saw everyone dancing and singing, which was really cool considering our seats were so far away.

19. Big Shot ~ Oh em gee, guys. This song was hilarious. He was getting pretty silly with his mic stand, twirling and flipping it and all. Also, near the end you know how his voice gets all...I dunno, goofy? Hahaha, during that part he went all gangsta, and we laughed SO HARD. XD He also had a lot of Elvis Pelvis action going on. It was pretty amazing.

20. It's Still Rock & Roll To Me ~ During this song he continued with the pelvis motions and the mic stand shenanigans. :) He stuck out the mic and let this dude from the audience say the last line. The dude looked pretty stoked about it. :D

21. You May Be Right ~ Oh my. There was much piano stool humping happening with this song. XD I kept expecting him to fall off. He was waving one arm around like a lassoo, and I thought of that line from "Fat Bottomed Girls"- ride 'em, cowboy! Near the end he actually slapped his ass. I nearlt fell out of my seat. :D

After that he shook the hands of some of the people that were standing there next to the stage, waved around, blew kisses etc before leaving the stage. Mollie was like "Noooooooo!!! He didn't play my song!!!! He can't leave!!!!" I told her not to worry, that he would come back for an encore and probably play that one.

I made a comment to Mollie about how back in the day people waved their lighters around at concerts. But today? Who needs lighters, we have cell phones!!! ^_^

After much clapping, stomping and chanting, Billy finally came back to the stage for his encore.

22. Only the Good Die Young ~ Mollie's favourite Billy song! She squeed- it was cute. :D After the song he had a hankerchief thing, I'm not sure if he had it or if someone threw it to him. But anyway, he rubbed on the armpit of his jacket, on his crotch and pretended to blow his nose in it, then threw it to a lady in the front row. She didn't seem to mind. ^_^

He started to leave the stage, but then looked at all of us like "Oh, you want me to stay?!" He finally got us all to cheer when he would walk toward the piano, and boo as he would walk away. He started jumping and dancing around, and was insanely adorable. He would walk back and forth, acting like he was still trying to decide if he was going to sing his last song. Mollie said he could do that all night and we would just sit there and scream at him. XD

23. Piano Man ~ FINALLY he sat down and played the first few notes of the song, then stopped and panted like he was all out of breath. ^_^ Then he started the harmonica, and I was all asquee. During most (if not all) of the choruses he let us sing. :D He, not surprisingly, sang "Pretty good crowd here in Jacksonville," and everyone cheered. A ton of people also cheered when he said Navy (there's a Navy base up there in Jacksonville). During the last chorus everyone on stage stopped playing and the audience sang totally a capella. It was so awesome. :D

I didn't want the show to end, but it did. He waved some more, blew more kisses, and shook more hands. Then, as he was leaving (for real, that time) I think he said "I don't want shit from anyone." Lol, I'm not entirely sure what he meant by that, but it amused me. XD

There were these boys in front of us who seemed to be brothers, or at least friends. They were there with the dad and younger brother. Anyway, they were about 12-14 years old, and were headbanging and air-drumming almsot the entire time. It was very entertaining. One boy actually had his hands over his ears for a few seconds which confused me, lol. But they seemed to be having a good time.

Afterwards Mollie stood in line with me and I bought a tour shirt for me, and a pin for her that said "Only the good die young." The shirt cost almost what my ticket cost! How crazy is that?! Oh well, I really wanted a shirt, so I got it. :P

Mollie and I had to park on the top level of the parking garage, so it took forever to get out. So while we were waiting I made a playlist on my iPod of all the songs he played at the concert. :)


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