• Bands That Attract With Their Names, Even If They Often Play Crap.

    12 Jun 2006, 8:14

    The Murder Of Rosa Luxemburg
    Dear Diary, I Seem to Be Dead [my personal favourite, even if it reminds me of intro for "Emo Kid" by Adam and Andrew]
    Shut Your Eyes and You'll Burst Into Flames
    I Would Set Myself on Fire for You
    Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live
    A Fine Boat, That Coffin!
    And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots
    The Birds Are Spies, They Report to the Trees
    Please Inform the Captain This is a Hijack

    and thats just a tiny part. like, ALL of those bands are hardcore/screamo, listened by a small group of people. i get the impression, that these people HAVE to have strange names for their bands, 'cause if not for that, nobody would listen to them. oh, what the hell, i still like 'em.

    and yeah, id like to find new bands without fucking boring names, so if you feel like, write down bands that you know of and that have fine names.
  • Coolest song titles, ya-da-da.

    11 Jun 2006, 20:03

  • Mindless Self Indulgence: Remixes

    23 May 2006, 11:43

    So yeah, Im a total remix whore. And since Mindless Self Indulgence 's my favourite band, Im trying to find as many remixes of their songs or made by them for other artists, as possible.

    Heres a list of remixes I have. If you know anything about those not mentioned, let me know, 'kay?

    Oh, and btw - Im not writing about OBVIOUS remixes - those from Bitches/Molly maxi single and Straight To Video: Remixes CD.


    Bring The Pain (Starseed Remix)
    Bring the Pain (Mega Bass Remix)
    Bring The Pain (Jungle Max Mix)
    Bring the Pain (Techno remix)

    Faggot (PT Grimm & the Dead Puppies Remix)

    Golden I (Juggalo Remix)

    Bitches (State of Bengal Remix)


    MIA vs Mindless Self Indulgence - Pull Up the Poor Bitches

    [made by MSI]

    Korn - Here To Stay (MSI Remix)
    Serart - Facing The Plastic (Mindless Self Indulgence Remix)
  • Brokeback Mountain

    10 Abr 2006, 22:00

    I'm just after watching this fucking beautiful /yeah, I mean it just in this way. Fucking beautiful./ movie. And there are so many songs, that keep on playing in my head, when I think of the story.

    Well, yeah, about love, that's quite obvious, but about a certain kind of it. With a uniqe flavour, special atmosphere... with air, that you take deep into your lungs, when you are on a higher level of yourself, when you just don't think but... feel.

    Brand New - Tautou :it's how I imagine destiny to be like. And I'm so certain that Jack Twist was the destiny of Ennis Del Mar.

    And there is also this toxic taste but you simply put it aside, when you have the feeling, when you know that this person alone is the only thing you need to live for, to keep on going, even when there's only pain and hurt left. Your heaven, your hell, your... everything.

    Fisz - Narkotyk :they needed each other so bad, yet they kept their distance - especially Ennis. It's so sad in many relationships, that we hesitate and pull back, instead of telling what we really feel.
    It's also a song for Jack, as it's telling about trying to replace your beloved person with something else, substitute - but it works only for a short time.

    Placebo - Centrefolds :how Jack must have felt, when he was constantly rejected by his lover. So close, yet so far thing, when you're dying inside, but on the outside you don't want the world to know.

    Staind - Epiphany :Ennis's way towards Jack. It was obvious that he cares about him - loves him, but he wouldn't tell. Remember the moment after their first "goodbye"? That's it.

    Oasis - Wonderwall :Jack towards Ennis. He was always hoping, always having faith, but sometimes there were also moments of his breakdowns, when he saw, that he just can't reach Ennis with his dreams.

    My Chemical Romance - Drowning Lessons :almost a perfect picture of what Jack would have feel, watching Ennis's marriage.

    Puddle of Mudd - Blurry :Jack towards Ennis, again. I think that he must have been so angry and disappointed at times, when his lover hurt him, ran away from his feelings.

    The Cure - Last day of summer :when they saw each other for the last time. It fits almost too good.

    My Chemical Romance - The ghost of you :yeah, yeah, I know. But there are some beautiful lines in the song, about the way you feel, when you lost the person, that was your world.

    Think I'm gonna cry. I'm such a girlie, damn.
  • East side riders

    2 Abr 2006, 20:09

    It's quite amusing, how we always seem to look towards the western world, when it comes to culture - and that counts music too, of course. But why? Is western music really that good?

    Not exactly. The main reason for its popularity, is that we have an easy access to it and - being lazy - we just accept this state. Thanx to that, we listen to a bunch of artists, that are so similar to each other, that it almost makes you feel paranoid. Also, we take almost everything, that has a good promotion line. Moreover, we get in the trap of Indie/Emo, whatever's popular in "alternative" music and we don't seem to see anything else, than another band with "the" before the name.

    Let's face it - western music's mainly crap, played for the money or to feel rebelious. Mainly, I said, not all, of course. But my question is, why not turn to the east?

    A few artists you should check out:

    Amatory, Психея / Psychea - it's fucking hard to get them, but they are worth the effort. If you're into Death by stereo, Underoath, Faust again, Atreyu, Strike Anywhere, Number twelve looks like you, Bleeding through, Planes mistaken for stars, even Funeral for a friend, you may like 'em.
    Tracktor Bowling 's for Flyleaf and Guano Apes fans. Also Jane Air, if you're into really early Incubus. For hard rock/metal fans - Stigmata, though I don't like 'em too much.

    There is also a russian rap/hip-hop artist, that I fancy - Nestandartnyi Variant. дилер and
    BDB Squl are not bad, too.

    If you're interested in screamo and/or western artists mentioned before, you can try polish Odszukac Listopad and April. And if you're into nu metal, The Larch would be good.

    I know, that most of those artists are rather hard to get, but you could always try.
  • Goth or not? - when fame steps in.

    1 Abr 2006, 10:28

    I've heard many opinions about My Chemical Romance, that they had been a really great band, during the release of their first CD - I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love but then - when things were going just right - Mtv played I'm Not Okay (I Promise) and KABOOM! - MCR suddelny changed into one of a hell shitty band. Who had been a fan, rejected them, because "once they had been a unknown, promising post-punk/hardcore band but they became popular and so... gothish!". Yeah. That's one of the main reasons for hating MCR by former fans - that they have changed their apperance and style. But is that true?

    Yeas, it is, but only to a certain degree. Let's have a closer look at videos such as Vampires Will Never Hurt You and Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough for the Two of Us - both from their "first great CD". If you tell me, that they are not somehow gothish, you must have a strange way of thinking. IMO, guys - especially Gerard - always have been attracted to dark/post-punk [not GOTH! Have you ever seen a real goth guy?] style and they've just went all the way with it.
    And the lyrics from You Brought Me... - are they really that different from those from Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge? No, they are not. I'm not saying, that MCR hasn't changed at all - vocal is not all the same, that's a fact. It's smoother, I'd say. It's less agressive and unstable than in the past but, what the hell, you can't blame the guy for singing better than before! It's also the problem of Mindless Self Indulgence 's fans - many of them consider Tight and Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy better than You'll Rebel To Anything (As Long As It's Not Challening) CD just because it's more deliberated and not a little underdone, like previous. How we can complain, when artists are making their way through, not standing in one place and playing constantly the same, but searching and becoming better? It's a little bit irrational, if you ask me.

    Also, I must say, that I do not consider My Chemical Romance as emo. Just because they released I'm Not Okay - which is one of a hell utter crap, really - as their first [from second CD] and most successful single, doesn't mean, that they are any closer to Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, Hawthorne Heights or Dashboard Confessional, for fuck's sake. Like I've read somewhere one time: "Their songs are not about crying over the loss of your girlfriend - it's about killing her and dragging her dead body through the city centre".
    And I agree.

    I'm not saying, that you have to like MCR - just don't judge only from I'm Not Okay and from how do they look in the videos.
  • Past week, music ups and downs

    21 Mar 2006, 21:20

    Well, at first, to act optimistic:

    Say Anything , good band with sometimes amusing, sometimes touching but always intelligent lyrics - few of their song r really fantastic, though a great part of them is nice but nothing mind blowing. They reminds me of Brand New and Artic Monkeys at times.

    The Faint , known them for a long time now, but just like 4, 5 of their songs. Ive downloaded most of their stuff recently, and I must say, that Im really into it.

    Zeromancer , industrial band. I cant stop myself from thinking, that they r from Germany. Only heard few of their songs, waiting for the others to download. Its taking them a loong time. A little bit like Nine Inch Nails.

    Handsome Boy Modeling School - the idea of the project, especially second CD "White people", reminds me of Recoil, a tiny bit of N*E*R*D. Fucking awensome. I totally love 'em. Now THIS is real music.

    Regina Spektor has a great voice and knows how to use it. Sometimes her lyrics have "bad" language and with the mix of her quite jazz vocal... Kickass.

    Midnight Panic - new band from the former Adema lead vocalist, Mark Chavez. I loved him in Adema, I actually banned their new stuff, when he quit, 'cause the new singers just terrible. Midnight Panics not bad, not great, but you should give 'em a chance.

    And now, to ruin the picture perfect:

    Fall Out Boy - i Cant Stand 'Em. I dont have a friggin idea, how they can be SO popular. The same goes for Dashboard Confessional and Panic! at the disco. IMO, all of them r trying to be cool, duude, The Greatest Band In Da House, Though We Dont Care, Its Soo Obviious Were The Best. The voices, the lyrics, the style... uh. Okay, I can be unfair, but I just dont like 'em.

    Test Icicles - great disappointment. Ive read, that they r sooo good, and they r not. Boring stuff, though rated as eem dance O.o