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27 Dic 2009, 22:58

Now that the year is coming to an end, I think it's time to jot down the albums that have made an impact on me this year. There are so many others that complete the soundtrack to 2009, but this is to shed a light on the new albums that have captivated my mind over the past 12 months.

10. New Junk Aesthetic (Every Time I Die)
"Lost, lost lost, you've got to be fucking kidding me"

When this album came out I was a lot more focused on their older albums. I put it down for a month or so only to pick it up and be blown away. WHAT WAS I THINKING!? I was thinking I was occupied with other music for the time being. But this album is heavy, catchy, and so ETID. There were times where I was sort of questioning it, but those times lasted about 2.5 seconds combined.

Highlights: Goddamn Kids These Days, Who Invited The Russian Soldier?

9. New Again (Taking Back Sunday)
"When oh when will this sinking feeling feel like 'man that was ages ago?'"

Again with the being caught up in older music. I was stuck on Where You Want To Be when this came out. I didn't wait for this one though, got it immediately and loved it. The way they execute their album is impeccable in all it's entirety. The intro on "Everything Must Go" is so misleading that is makes me cringe with delight. I see fall when I hear this album. All their others provoke feelings of Summer...

Highlights: Carpathia, New Again

8. This Is War (30 Seconds to Mars)
"These lessons we've learned here have only just begun"

I've anxiously awaited the release of this album. When ABL was out I was obsessed, mostly with the first album though. This album embodies optimism so well it almost makes me want to puke. I love the fan participation used for this album and I wish i could have been a part of it. I will admit there are a couple songs I still need to get into but as a whole, the album doesn't let me down. So many props to Jared for being good at both acting and singing, maybe he could teach Mrs. Johannsen a thing or two...

Highlights: Night of the Hunter, Stranger in a Strange Land

7. ...In Shallow Seas We Sail (Emery)
"If you've got the time then I've got the reason for the sin"

I could not possibly say anything bad about this album. The band is a different story. I was not a fan of Emery before I heard this album. This music is the only good thing that resulted in working for Hot Topic (fuck them bitches) Every single song on this album is catchy, powerful and pretty much perfect. There's a perfect mix of everything. Some songs have a hint of pop influence and it works so well. You will find yourself singing the chorus to every single song without even realizing it. Get it, love it, embrace it. This shit makes me want to climb a mountain.

Highlights: A Sin To Hold On To, Churches And Serial Killers

6. Far (Regina Spektor)
"I've got a perfect body cause my eyelashes catch my sweat"

Her voice is stunning. Her music is quirky. Her latest album is probably her best. Key word being "probably"...mainly because I still cannot decide. Every song tells a story that leaves me wanting more. She has a way with enticing listeners and she doesn't even have to try. Everything she writes sounds like it was written perfectly the first time and she stuck with it. There's life in her music - emotion, meaning. There's a darkness there peeking through and ready to infect your ears with sheer piano madness.

Highlights: Folding Chair, Dance Anthem of the 80's

5.Act III (The Dear Hunter)
"In the cradle we are helpless, but on our feet we are fatal"

From the very beginning this album has rock opera written all over it. It would be inhuman of me to hear the first song and not fall in love instantly. Everything about this album is brilliant. It makes me want to choreograph a ballet to it, that's how great it is. There are so many elements put into this album coming from every angle. Casey Crescenzo wins the award for best rock opera composer/writer of the year. There is really too much that needs to be said about this piece of work. Every single emotion in the book is explored when you listen to this album and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Highlights: The Tank, Saved, In Cauda Venenum

4. Daisy (Brand New}
"I'm a preacher with no pulpit, spewing a sermon that goes on and on"

Yet another album I was anxiously waiting for. They never fail to amaze me. This album is significantly darker than other Br&New and that is what I love so much about it. The last few songs on the album leave me in a flurry of optimism and brooding...if that makes any sense (it doesnt, shut up) Songs with Manson-esque vocals fit well with the touch of country and hip hop in select songs. Now I just sound crazy, but that's a good thing. This album means winter, new beginnings, and lots and lots of writing in my journal...

Highlights: Daisy, Bought A Bride, At The Bottom

3. The Inevitable and I (Harvard)

When this album was first brought to my attention I was iffy. When I actually listened to it I stopped dead in my tracks and wanted to see them live immediately. Totally reminds me of Circa Survive, some songs remind me of TDH, and one song, towards the end, even sounds like 30STM. Crazy, these guys. It makes me want to just walk and end up at some random place. It's already inspired a few clothing designs. The vocal style is similar to Bjork's (and that alone should make you want to listen to it) This dude can fucking belt it out...

Highlights: Ghost, An End Weight, Memory Police, What We Had

2. Mandala (RX Bandits)
"It's easier to say it. Harder still, to execute"

LOVE is the first thing that comes to mind when I listen to this album. Real love, genuine. Not the love people have for each other - more so the kind of love these guys bleed. You can't get more organic than this. Straight from the heart and into the instruments. You can feel the energy that was in the room when they recorded it. This album stands for so much, so much so many people fail to realize. The good things in life, the good times, the ups and downs. This album IS love. It will change your outlook with every line. Catchy chorus', dynamic drum beats, amazing vocals, backups and all. How the hell do they do that?

Highlights: White Lies, Mientras La Veo Sonar, March Of The Caterpillar, Bring Our Children Home

1. Swoon (Silversun Pickups)
"Can't believe the lure was enough"

Where do I start? Really, I do not know. Glorious, magnificent, amazing, spectacular, irresistible, makes me fucking swooooooon >_<
Really though, this is the album of the year in my books. Could not have topped this with anything. I am more than proud to say I reside in the same city as this wonderfully fantastical band. Every song is perfect. Not too heavy, not too poppy, not overdone at all. Absolutely perfect. This is the first album in a long time that I've actually listened to non-stop for over 6 months. It may not be reflected on here, but this cd has not left my stereo since it came out and I heard it working at Virgin. SSPU ftw!!


So there it s. It took forever for me to actually choose. These ones missed it by a hair, all tied for #11:

Endgame (Megadeth)
Black Gives Way to Blue (Alice in Chains)
Common Existence (Thursday)



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