• Gig at Robin 2 - SLF 13th October 2008

    15 Oct 2008, 14:08

    Mon 13 Oct – Stiff Little Fingers

    I have liked SLF since 1981 (I've included a Youtube video of what they looked like back then - a song you might recognise though they didn't play on Monday night !)

    so I'm a seasoned gig -goer; I've seen them countless times over the years

    This gig was in my opinion from good to great - 4 stars out of 5
    The band especially seemed to be enjoying themselves, there was a good turnout and the crowd were quite buoyant and enthusiastic

    I stood at first to the left of the stage, but the sound was a little garbled there, that really was my only complaint of the whole evening the sound could have been a lot better
    So I stood just behind the frenzy of bodies pogoing; bang in the middle of the crowd so then I got a good view and the sound was marginally better from there

    I love the intro to a fingers gig; the anticipation when you hear that intro makes it all the more fun ( I also managed to get a set list that was gaffer -taped to the stage floor)

    Their set started off with Wasted Life which is always a good one to start with, straight into Nobody's Hero which is one of my all time fave tracks as Jake's voice sounds like he's eaten gravel for breakfast ...brilliant!

    There were a lot of people singing along, Another fave next was Roots, Radical, Rockers and Reggae. The next song I'm not that familiar with was The Roaring Boys (Parts 1 & 2) which is on their Tinderbox album.
    What I liked about their set was even though there were the "cult" favourites in the list that they played; I was really nicely surprised by some of their songs which I now have a new appreciation of how excellent they as a band really are.

    The next 3 songs demonstrate that: Silver Lining At The Edge Safe as Houses
    Now those tracks were really well sung (Jake, I'm impressed), At the edge took me back to when I was 15 (not sure I've actually left that age sometimes) and the best song for me by far the whole evening wasSafe as Houses
    I never close my eyes when I'm listening to songs unless they are chillout songs, I was totally gone ... very good sign!!

    The next two songs Guitar And Drum and the excellent Specials cover Doesn't Make It Alright all crowd pleasers and a little rest from the jumping up and down.

    The next song I was surprised to hear; I'd actually forgotten they even did it was Piccadilly Circus which is a touching song and was well received by everyone.
    Next up was Can't Get Away With That from their Guitar And Drum album.After that
    this next song is also in my top three; Barbed Wire Love I had been shouting for it all night; not knowing it was on the set list, I got quite bouncy and jumped around like zebedee (thanks to Carl for putting up with me) they played it really well.

    Next up was Strummerville which needs no introduction to who that's about and lastly Just Fade Away which again was excellent.
    Everyone enjoyed the set and there was lotsa of applause and stomping feet/clapping shouting "fingers, fingers" which got them back on again
    They went straight into another fave of mine Suspect Device then the excellent Tin Soldiers

    Back on again for 2nd encore and the last song which I used to drive my mother(R.I.P) mad with as she knew what was coming when she heard the guitar intro :D it said it all .... of course it was Alternative Ulster

    A good night was had by all, lots of pogoing going on (I hate the term moshing) I was speaking to a woman next to me and she was only 22 and was loving the gig; if you get a chance to see them, do.. I highly recommend it
  • 25 Best Songs/Artists and Current Favourites from My Last Fm

    24 Jun 2007, 19:56

    There is eventually gonna be over 50 songs to listen to once I've finished loading up all the tracks and why I like them. I do hope you like my selection

    1.Johnny CashI Walk the Line
    This song really spoke to me, so I found a lot more songs from him he has a hell of a lot!
    He helped me through some tough times recently
    My favourite from him at the moment is Love's Been Good To Me

    2.Kaleth Morales
    Vivo En El Limbo (Vivo)
    My favourite right now La Hora de la Verdad
    I found Kaleth through a good friend here on last fm called Musikguy
    I love the energy of Kaleth's music and his love for his music, He makes me so happy, love salsaing round my kitchen singing along badly (I'm learning Spanish)

    3.T.Rex Raw Ramp
    Raw Ramp has been my number one song of all T.Rex songs as it is just so sensual and sung so well
    My Favourite from T.Rex at the moment is Venus Loon
    It's got a great feel to it and great to sing along to

    4.Sublime Slow Ride
    This just gets me, just so chills me out, the bass is amazing
    My favourite right now, this is hard as they have so many good songs, would be Wrong Way
    It's so funny and makes me laugh

    5.Aterciopelados Florecita Rockera is the first song I heard from this band, it's not their best song, they are all good,
    My favourite by far is Baracunatana
    I love Andrea Echeverri voice so I'll include some of her solo work as well
    Amortiguador also A Eme o and a new favourite Fulgor

    6.Neneh CherryBuffalo Stance
    I love this track, seeing her on Top of the Pops doing this 7 months pregnant was so cool
    My favourite track at the moment is Everything
    I saw her perform it live on "Later with Jools Holland" it blew me away

    this song has been a favourite for a long time of the drummer Willi and me, he is a really good friend of mine.
    My current favourite is hard as not easy to pick just one song, so I won't :) the first one isAm Rande der Nacht and Die Nachbarn

    This song so rocks, I saw them in Camden, London a couple of years ago,as I had arrived at another gig the night before (it was a punk all dayer in Birmingham)and bloody missed them(even got a speeding ticket cos I knew I was late), Dick dedicated zyklon-b-movie for me and gave me a refund as I was on the Guest List!, so I bought some cd's and had a nice chat, what a lovely man!
    The other song I like at the mo is Subvert City

    9.The Damned Neat Neat Neat
    This song sends me crazy and I pogo up and down like a lunatic. The Damned have been a favourite for a long time, at one of their gigs (Christmas be Damned Tour in Glasgow) I got bodily thrown out by 4 bouncers (one for each limb) as I got on the stage (no mean feat for a woman and at a Damned gig) Captain Sensible just stood laughing, great gig!
    My fave Damned song at the mo is Melody Lee

    10.PJ Harvey
    Dress Just love this woman's music this is one of the first songs I heard off her album Dry my faves at the moment are Good Fortune and Rid of Me from the album 4-Track Demos

    11.No DoubtUnderneath It All Now this band are just awesome, loved them a long time, I love Ska and their songs just rock.
    My favourite at the moment is Big Distraction it's over 9 minutes long and I love the slow part

    12.Everything But the Girl
    Tender Blue This band have been around a long time I bought Eden in the 80's on tape, I think I still have it somewhere Tracey Thorn's voice is so good
    I'm listening to Missing
    I really love listening to them, especially to chill out to

    13. Red Hot Chili Peppers
    They get a lot of stick from some folk nowadays, I like them, one of my first songs and still one of the best Give It Away
    My fave song has been for years as it makes me happy just listening to it is Around the World

    14.The Clash Now this band I could listen to forever! never get tired of them, I cried when Joe died...I never knew him but loved what he stood for.
    One of my all time songs is Garageland and my fave at the moment is Janie Jones

    15.Scars Now this Scottish band I am truly happy to find again, I bought their album Author! Author! way back in 1981, played it to death.
    This year found a friend who knew them and now have got their cd again, bought it direct from the band, I had forgotten how good they still are so raw yet they made lots of excellent songs.
    My favourite song is Everywhere I go
    The songs I can't stop playing in my car at the mo are Obsessions and David

    16.The Rezillos Another Scottish band who are truly awesome live, saw them when I was still a teenager and then a couple a years ago with Johnny Panic
    I just adore this band my fave song from them (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures Another great song by them is Destination Venus

    17.Julieta Venegas Came across her quite recently, she is inadvertently helping me learn Spanish, beautiful voice.
    My best song from her Andar Conmigo
    The songs I've been listening to a lot recently are Me Van A Matar and Pa bailar (feat Bajofondo)

    18.Bacilos Now this lot are really great to listen to, just real happy songs which make make wanna salsa round the kitchen again :)
    My fave songs have to be Besala Ya and Caraluna
    The current track
    I like right now Contigo Se Va

    19.Stiff Little Fingers Now this band have been a friend for a very long time when I used to buy 7" singles my first from them and still a favourite is Alternative Ulster
    I have seen live so many times and they are always fantastic my favourite which just makes me smile is Barbed Wire Love

    20.No Goods Now I have met most of this band as they also play in Condom
    Peter the singer has a magical voice and Tschinge's double bass is so cool.
    My favourite song, now that's not easy Komm mit mir!
    Another couple of songs I love are Niemals also Am Abend and Der Suden

    21.Libido Now this is where it gets a bit confusing and Last Fm Falls down a bit, the Libido I love ain't the Peruvian ones (they are ok, I've go few of their songs)
    The Libido I'm talking about are the Norwegian band they brought out an excellent album called Killing Some Dead Time
    My favourite tracks by them are Overthrown and Supersonic Daydream ones I like at the moment are In My Shadow and God's Guest List

    22.Nirvana Now this band I've been listening a lot to, kinda rediscovered them all over again, I remember having a tape of Nevermind it seems so long ago,though Dave Grohl looked about 12 years old!
    My fave song from them Mr. Moustache which is quite punky, the other two songs that I like listening to are Where Did You Sleep Last Night? About a Girl That unplugged version is so heart-rendering also All Apologies, there are many more but I'll be here all night : )

    23.Todos Tus Muertos Now just kinda stumbled on this lot, through Last Fm, god they are good, I'm really into punk/reggae/ska/dub crossover, chill me out then crank me up, wish I knew enough Spanish to understand what they are saying (In time) my fave songs are easy Rasta Vive and Trece

    24.Asian Dub Foundation Great band live and just love their album Rafi's Revenge
    Free Satpal Ram this song needs to be played really loud ,very inspiring! other two songs I like are Black White enuf said on that one,oh yeah my real fave is Naxalite just love the geetar and drums on this

    25. Kings of Leon and Bob Marley & The Wailers are joint 25th couldn't do one without the other, first Kings of Leon.
    I still haven't gotta a clue what they are saying in their songs but god they rock,I have some happy memories of listening to them and drinking a few beers in my garden in the Summertime they have got many good tracks the first one I heard was Molly's Chambers also Taper Jean Girl and The Bucket and Four Kicks these are from Aha Shake Heartbreak

    Now Mr Marley, well what a legend to finish off with There are so many songs I love, a lot of modern music wouldn't exist,he was very influential on a lot of people
    My all time fave has to be Redemption Song it just gets to me very deeply. Also done by Joe Strummer with Johnny Cash
    Another couple of wonderful songs are One Love/People Get Readyand Is It Love which are both amazing

    I listened to a lot of these songs as I loaded them up onto this journal, which I enjoyed hope you do too

    Buenas Noches mis amigos :)
  • Dancing in the rain during a thunderstorm

    28 May 2007, 17:20

    Stormy Weather Cosmic Dancer

    I wonder sometimes why pain and love are so inextricably linked and are really both parts of each other. Songs help me with feeling all different emotions and also bring up stuck feelings which need to come out.

    My mood can vary and sometimes I know I need music to carry me to somewhere that I need to experience

    It's how deep do you want to go? I like delving into my inner psyche as it helps me grow and I don't get overwelmed by life like I used to, that maybe down to life experience, though I know many people who are mentally intelligent yet emotionally immature.

    At the end of the day, I have to look after myself and be the truest and most honest person I can be to me as no one can do that for youEverything
    There are many ways to access your feelings, as I said before in music is one of my favourites, it helps me explore the hurt,love,disappointments,joy,happiness and anger, we would be shallow beings indeed for not expressing all our feelings, yet staying as balanced as you can when lovers leave, parents die, jobs are lost, your body changes, and sometimes life doesn't feel at all ~ we are numb and apathetic

    When we actually look at the feeling rather than hide from it and sit with it sometimes doing nothing can be very revealing. I t can be a lot less frightening as behind this huge emotional mess is nothing much, e-motions are really quite hollow when you let go of them

    So is love shallow?
    Some feelings run really deep I'm talking about the transistory ones that we experience every day that give us problems, like anger, jealousy, apathy, grief, pride etc

    We all want to love and be at peace within ourselves as when we have the courage to look at this stuff bubbling under the surface when we feel peaceful, calm even blissful inside we act differently, it's partly about perception and detachment.

    Sometimes surrendering to the feeling and just let it be
    can give you time to look at the issue/ person/feeling/situation from a different angle, which in turn can be quite illuminating as you see thing differently, which in turn can bring you to a completely new decision and a unique way of looking at the situation that you may not have thought of or even considered before.

    I could have easily fallen apart my mum passed after a debilitating illness (she had cancer) I was very painful for me to watch her literally disappear in front of my eyes, at the same time (of course) my relationship with my man of 3 years was just falling apart, I was changing and becoming more peaceful, yet his life was in turmoil in many ways, he chose to leave, I had to let go as he chooses to walk his way himself, which he has evey right to do, sometimes you can't help another person, like my mum and my boyfriend, you can only help yourself and maybe they may learn from your example, though maybe not.

    We spend so much time looking after others and forgetting all about ourselves and how we are doing

    It's not a selfish act, the difference between genuinely looking after yourself and being self centred are huge, one comes from love and the other from vanity (which also has a lot of self hatred attached to it)
    You can't make people happy, they have to find it within themselves, which took me a while to understand I can tell you, even though all the "stuff" that has happened to me I am genuinely very happy in myself. The rest career, wealth, and status pale into
    insignificance in comparison, I understand I need to eat have comforts etc, though If I have all this and are miserable, what's the point of that? La Hora de la Verdad

    Love is a wonderful feeling and being in love with someone special is an out of this world experience,everyone needs to be loved and I wouldn't trade it for the world, if they love you back all the better.
    The Very Thought of You
    All we can do in the mean time is keep ourselves strong and loving and help others to see and have courage to feel those feelings and let them go so they find their own inner happinessAndar Conmigo

    So when you're dancing in the rain during a thunderstorm with a beautiful lover and it feels wonderful, just enjoy it trust me that's what memories are for, not when you are 93 years old lying on your death bed thinking I should have worked more....
    Vivo En El Limbo (Vivo)Thieves Like Us

    Let the world touch your soul as we ain't got that long (well in this life anyways)

    Love and happiness are all that matters