Dancing in the rain during a thunderstorm


28 May 2007, 17:20

Stormy Weather Cosmic Dancer

I wonder sometimes why pain and love are so inextricably linked and are really both parts of each other. Songs help me with feeling all different emotions and also bring up stuck feelings which need to come out.

My mood can vary and sometimes I know I need music to carry me to somewhere that I need to experience

It's how deep do you want to go? I like delving into my inner psyche as it helps me grow and I don't get overwelmed by life like I used to, that maybe down to life experience, though I know many people who are mentally intelligent yet emotionally immature.

At the end of the day, I have to look after myself and be the truest and most honest person I can be to me as no one can do that for youEverything
There are many ways to access your feelings, as I said before in music is one of my favourites, it helps me explore the hurt,love,disappointments,joy,happiness and anger, we would be shallow beings indeed for not expressing all our feelings, yet staying as balanced as you can when lovers leave, parents die, jobs are lost, your body changes, and sometimes life doesn't feel at all ~ we are numb and apathetic

When we actually look at the feeling rather than hide from it and sit with it sometimes doing nothing can be very revealing. I t can be a lot less frightening as behind this huge emotional mess is nothing much, e-motions are really quite hollow when you let go of them

So is love shallow?
Some feelings run really deep I'm talking about the transistory ones that we experience every day that give us problems, like anger, jealousy, apathy, grief, pride etc

We all want to love and be at peace within ourselves as when we have the courage to look at this stuff bubbling under the surface when we feel peaceful, calm even blissful inside we act differently, it's partly about perception and detachment.

Sometimes surrendering to the feeling and just let it be
can give you time to look at the issue/ person/feeling/situation from a different angle, which in turn can be quite illuminating as you see thing differently, which in turn can bring you to a completely new decision and a unique way of looking at the situation that you may not have thought of or even considered before.

I could have easily fallen apart my mum passed after a debilitating illness (she had cancer) I was very painful for me to watch her literally disappear in front of my eyes, at the same time (of course) my relationship with my man of 3 years was just falling apart, I was changing and becoming more peaceful, yet his life was in turmoil in many ways, he chose to leave, I had to let go as he chooses to walk his way himself, which he has evey right to do, sometimes you can't help another person, like my mum and my boyfriend, you can only help yourself and maybe they may learn from your example, though maybe not.

We spend so much time looking after others and forgetting all about ourselves and how we are doing

It's not a selfish act, the difference between genuinely looking after yourself and being self centred are huge, one comes from love and the other from vanity (which also has a lot of self hatred attached to it)
You can't make people happy, they have to find it within themselves, which took me a while to understand I can tell you, even though all the "stuff" that has happened to me I am genuinely very happy in myself. The rest career, wealth, and status pale into
insignificance in comparison, I understand I need to eat have comforts etc, though If I have all this and are miserable, what's the point of that? La Hora de la Verdad

Love is a wonderful feeling and being in love with someone special is an out of this world experience,everyone needs to be loved and I wouldn't trade it for the world, if they love you back all the better.
The Very Thought of You
All we can do in the mean time is keep ourselves strong and loving and help others to see and have courage to feel those feelings and let them go so they find their own inner happinessAndar Conmigo

So when you're dancing in the rain during a thunderstorm with a beautiful lover and it feels wonderful, just enjoy it trust me that's what memories are for, not when you are 93 years old lying on your death bed thinking I should have worked more....
Vivo En El Limbo (Vivo)Thieves Like Us

Let the world touch your soul as we ain't got that long (well in this life anyways)

Love and happiness are all that matters


  • RubyHarvest

    I want to thank you for posting this Journal. It touches on important themes and is certainly relevant to me :-) Keeping one's chin up and a sparkle in one's eye sometimes requires investing in one's self - taking the time and consideration to DECIDE to have a happy fulfilling life, as opposed to letting life experience get in the way of one's right to live free and blossom. Thank you !

    23 Jun 2009, 14:04
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