Introductory Playlist


20 Oct 2006, 12:00

1. Ace Of Spades
I am a relatively new metal fan, and I've tasted new metal, rejected most of it, and went backwards. And after playing guitar hero, I discovered how awesome some classic metal tracks are, And this one tops the list for pineal gland vaporization.

2. Colony of Birchmen
Like I said, some new metal sticks... Blood Mountain is just an amazing album. I've heard that loyal fans hate it, I love it.

3. Wolf Like Me
One amazing Track off a relatively less amazing third album, Return To Cookie Mountain. But Nothing quite sticks out like this track

4. She's My Man
The Scissor Sisters new album does not suffer from the sophomore slump, it's still crazy-glam-rock-snappers one after the other.

5. Supermassive Black Hole
what is this sub-genre being called again? Apocalyptica? Yes that's appropriate.

6. Baby Boomerang
I just started getting into T. Rex, it's almost as if they were just kicking elton john in the balls over and over again.

7. Gronlandic Edit
I saw of montreal live recently and they played this song and it was by far my favorite from their new album. I hope this album sticks to the wall for some people.

8. Pull Up the People
I also just got this album, I hate Galang, but then I heard hombre and considered investigating further. The Jury's still out.

9. Oh My God
This album is classic now for me, they're like what I wish oasis had been, and funny.

10.Trampled Underfoot
No explination needed.

11.Another Life
off of killers, brilliant. So many great guitars off this album, and drums and bass... so awesome. The bass solo, and the last guitar solo kick my square in the knees.

12.Lazer Life
I <3 the blood brothers, it makes me want to sit down and scream.

13.Demolition Rickshaw!
I have been listening to the aquabats for quite some time, and while they have changed alot since the return and fury, and they are no longer playing the insaneo-surf-ska i had originally fell in love with, they're still pulling dick dales and banging heads. This track is a little on the hardcore side, but with appropriate surfy keyboards. I bet travis barker misses them, (psha, right)

14.Goodnight Ladies
A lovely joke track to close!?


  • kellybeth

    Love love LOVE the blood brothers. I think I'm going to miss their show next month and I've never been so upset about not having a car :( Just getting into Of Montreal, and loving them. I saw the Aquabats back in '97 or '98 (w/ Goldfinger and Save Ferris). They were super goofy and fun. Haven't really listened to them since tough...

    22 Oct 2006, 6:13
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