Reviews of Laboratory Noise's "Hope is a Waking Dream" EP


29 May 2008, 10:58

Hope is a Waking Dream - 5 track EP (July 2007)

‘This EP is quite majestic in its beauty and is difficult to fault…’ - Atomic Duster 10/10

‘…a mesmerising collection’ - 8/10

‘'Here, She is Evergreen' slips comfortably into psychedelia that sweeps you along into the out reaches of space, past the twinkling stars and into the cosmos at large…’ - God is in the zine 9/10

‘You Created A Storm…an appropriate title for a track awash with shoe-gaze effect pedal mayhem and wailing electronics, but which retains an impressive toe-hold on song structure and discernible melody, allowing the six members to shine through.’ - Sandman Magazine

‘'Let's Talk About Psychosis' ramps up the sense of space and sets off on a deep excursion into post-rock territories, with strangely off-key arpeggios and legato drones conjuring a slightly oppressive and paranoid atmosphere that is the flip-side to the earlier breezy optimism.’ –

‘you can imagine this is a band you would need to see live to appreciate the true scale of their work, but to me it actually works on record. It’s a rush listening to the songs play out and it’s pretty addictive…’ - Psychedelic Reaction

‘(You Created a Storm)…Coming on like Xtrmntr-era Primal Scream, it’s scaling sonic squels add to the incessant narcotic energy, which builds into a heart attack inducing finale. Exhaustingly brilliant.’ - No-Title Magazine

‘They meld the ethereal grace of My Bloody Valentine or later day Talk Talk with touches of epic post-rock and some serious shoe gazing for a dream-like record. Each song segues onto the next creating a wondrous daze for the listener…’ - High Voltage

Laboratory Noise
My Bloody Valentine
Primal Scream
Hope is a Waking Dream - 5 track EP (July 2007)


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