3 <3 all things annoying in the world put together into one stupid bitch amazing annoying awesome awesome accordion jams awesome banjo jam awesome bass jam awesome bass jams awesome bike bell jam awesome drum jam awesome drum jams awesome gregorian chant jam awesome guitar jam awesome guitar jams awesome instrumentals awesome organ jam awesome organ jams awesome piano jam awesome sax jam awesome saxophone jam awesome scratch jams awesome sitar jams awesome-o blues-rock boring bulbous also tapered canada chill comedy cowabunga crap damn these beats are so fresh disgrace to canada done epic experimental rock fast and bulbous favorites favourites folklore fresh beat funk funk rock funky funky fresh funky hip hop funky jazz good ole homely country folk playing banjo yodeling good try guys great groovy guilty pleasure guitar guitar jams hardcore has anyone seen my underwear hey you get off of my cloud hip-hop how could he be so handsome humor i am sofa king instrumental is it is it bigger than a breadbox is it much to much to ask to hide behind the mask jazz krautrock marimba stylings mashup melancholy mellow melodic melodic funky jazz metal mommy can i go out to kill tonight noise-funk pleasant post-rock progressive rock punk rap rock saturday night shit so fresh and so clean clean stupid surf rock the shit this is a ghost coach which we are riding this song likes grilled cheese sandwiches title is a full sentence twangy weird but cool when surrounded by zombies and with only one bullet left i would listen to this… why did i even bother yippy-ty-o-ty-ay you just listen without any word zombiecore