28 Abr 2009, 18:27

Well, after being signed up for flickr for 1 year today ive been left with 126Gb of photos - 21,429 files, from raw images, worked on .jpgs and final images for flickr / egigs / efestivals. From the insane enjoyment of standing at the front of Pendulum at NASS for my first official photopass, panicky not knowing what the hell i'm doing backstage at glastonbury, getting covered in beer in the pit for kasabian at the camden crawl and just generally blagging as much as I can, its been a good year.

I might try to count the gigs i've been to at some point and bands i've seen at festivals but it gets a bit confusing and flaky. Impressive cock-ups include: 1. After seeing Blood Red Shoes, forgetting their name, then going to see the Ting Tings thinking it was the same boy/girl duo... oops. 2. Having a shit tent at Bloom that leaked then trying to fall asleep in the 24 hour cafe with a soundtrack of 3 Aphex Twin songs on repeat. 3. Getting messed up at Glasto... 4. Getting too drunk to be in any state to even attempt to take photos.

Well, a few tops ish maybe before i change my mind (in no particular order):

1. Bathroom Gurgle
2. Dull Life
3. Waters of Nazareth
4. Young Love
5. Lost Weekend

Best Gigs
1. Fight Like Apes - Camden Barfly
2. Mystery Jets - Cavern Club
3. Leonard Cohen - Glastonbury
4. The Bays - Royal Festival Hall
5. The Duke Spirit - 100 Club

Cant think of anything else to write...


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