• Tally Hall

    21 Ago 2011, 22:59

    I finally had the opportunity to see Tally Hall live this weekend. Oddly, it was the final date of their Good & Evil tour, and I had no clue. I brought along a friend who had never heard any of their music before. We even got to see two fans get engaged!

    They were so great live. The vocal harmonies (which dominate their sound) are just as tight and tuned live as they are on the album, and they are each very witty and entertaining on stage.

    I know a bunch of fans seem to be divided over the new album, but I, personally, love it. I think it's a much more mature, cohesive album. Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum is a great, fun, frenetic album that I have listened to about a million times, but G&E has a depth to it that many tracks on MMMM lacked. It's less 'throw caution to the wind' silly fun, but it's a more adult sound. They spend less time dabbling in every style imaginable and seem to really focus in on what makes 'their' sound.

    The tracks are more complicated and well-composed. They are slightly more accessible but still maintain that Tally Hall wit and oddity.

    Favorite tracks from G&E - Hymn For A Scarecrow, &, Cannibal, and Turn The Lights Off.

    (based on my tracks, it seems I am a Hawley fangirl without realizing it. Makes sense since my favorite Tally Hall songs from MMMM Spring & A Storm, Ruler Of Everything, and The Bidding).