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21 Ago 2007, 2:18

I'm collecting a list of streamable Early Music artists and composers. By this I'm including the Medieval (476-1400) and Renaissance periods (1400-1600).

You can listen to my Early Music collection using my tag Early Music.

Here is my list of Early Music artists:

Academy of Ancient Music
Adam de la Halle
Alfonso X El Sabio
Alia vox
Andrew Lawrence-King
Andrew Lawrence-King & The Harp Consort
Anonymous 4
Azam Ali
Bären Gässlin
Berenguier de Palou
Bernart de Ventadorn
Capella Antiqua Bambergensis
Christopher Tye
Claudio Monteverdi
Corvus Corax
Eduardo Paniagua
Emilio de Cavalieri
Ensemble Accentus
Ensemble Alcatraz
Ensemble für frühe Musik Augsburg
Ensemble Gilles Binchois
Ensemble Gilles Binchois, Dominique Vellard
Ensemble PAN
Ensemble Unicorn
Filipe de Magalhaes
Francesco Landini
Freiburger Spielleyt
Giovanni Gabrieli
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
Giraut de Bornelh
Girolamo Frescobaldi
Gothic Voices
Guillaume de Machaut
Guillaume Dufay
Hildegard von Bingen
Hildegard Von Bingen - Symphoniae Sequentia
Huelgas Ensemble
Huelgas Ensemble - Paul Van Nevel
Jacopo da Bologna
Jaufre Rudel
Johannes Ockeghem
John Dunstable
John Taverner
Josquin des Pres
Josquin Desprez
La Reverdie
Leonel Power
Loyset Compere
Mediæval Bæbes
Musica Antiqua
Orlande de Lassus
Orlando Consort
Paul Hillier & Andrew Lawrence-King
Paul Hillier & Theatre of Voices
Paul Hillier & Theatre Of Voices, with Terry Riley
Paul O'Dette, Andrew Lawrence-King
Philippe Rogier
Pierre Certon
Richard Farrant
Rondellus - Sabbatum
Soeur Marie Keyrouz/Orchestre d'Auvergne/Arie van Beek
The Boston Camerata
The Harp Consort / Andrew Lawrence-King
The Hilliard Ensemble
The King's Consort
The King's Noyse
The Newberry Consort
The Sixteen
The Soil Bleeds Black
The Waverly Consort
Theatre Of Voices / Paul Hillier
Thomas Fabri
Thomas Weelkes
Tielman Susato
Trobar de Morte
Westminster Cathedral Choir
Westminster Cathedral Choir/David Hall
William Byrd

You may find it interesting to look around these groups: Early Music and Medieval


  • redpmedium

    check this site - I think you'll find some new info

    21 Ago 2007, 14:06
  • dianashamilton

    Good stuff, thanks! I have a track-tag version of early music that has some more streamable ensembles in it.

    23 Ago 2007, 13:18
  • Ventolera

    What about Huelgas Ensemble?

    25 Ago 2007, 8:32
  • undrentide72

    Great work,ill have to have a listen. Sure theres loads of bands ill like here, good to see a mix of the traditional stuff with the new bands that are using influences from medieva/renaissance times to come up with an update of the sound. you should add Sarband, some of their work is amazing, particulary their version of Llibre Vermell de Montserrat

    26 Ago 2007, 3:40
  • MonBisclavret

    I think you should clearly delimit the early music composers and authentic early music performers from those bands playing neomedieval, or neofolk, or whatever they like to call it

    27 Ago 2007, 9:22
  • dianashamilton

    [i]clearly delimit[/i] That's best done with track-tagging though, anyway. That way one can separate out early/modern compositions by the same artist (example, The Hilliard Ensemble).

    27 Ago 2007, 22:44
  • klimaz

    Hi folks, thanks for the comments. I'll work my way through the suggested additions. I agree that neo-medieval music is a whole different kind of sound and I'll do my best to avoid tagging such music as early music. I appreciate the advantage of track tagging and I'll try my best to use it wherever possible from now on. However, I'm fairly ignorant and so I will be making mistakes.

    29 Ago 2007, 4:55
  • klimaz

    I've removed some neo-medieval music from this tag as was suggested. However, regarding track tagging, I think it would be more work than I'm willing to do.

    29 Ago 2007, 15:37
  • 2mm

    One more for your list - The Tallis Scholars

    31 Ago 2007, 19:54
  • klimaz

    I've added The Tallis Scholars as well as Thomas Tallis.

    19 Sep 2007, 20:51
  • blecsan

    amazing collection, i'll tune in

    30 Ene 2008, 9:04
  • blecsan

    some from my list: Fredrik Klingwall, Trevor Jones and maybe something worth listening: Faun (mostly in german though)

    30 Ene 2008, 9:08
  • klimaz

    Hello Blecsan, Thank you for these suggestions. Neither Fredrik Klingwall's streamable tracks nor Trevor Jones's look like early music. Faun is pretty close, although their focus is on the instruments of early music, rather than early music itself.

    31 Ene 2008, 16:24
  • 1Sock

    How about The Renaissance Revelers?

    7 Nov 2008, 14:58
  • klimaz

    Sure, OK. I've tagged them & I'll refresh this list at some point. Thanks.

    7 Nov 2008, 15:33
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