Soundtrack to the Kate Movie


16 Feb 2007, 4:51

I got this from MillaYWTS

You know the rules, put your music on random and hit next for each question

Opening credits:
Jive at Five
-- Oh, this is great opening credits, I can see a black and white street scene slowly being filled up with colour. ^_^

Waking up:
Thousand Miles
-- the little piano riff is quite nice.

Average day:
-- Good walking music

First date:
-- Ouch, a bit sad. "She's a million miles away, from me".. good song for a bad first date though...

Falling in love:
-- 'I'm falling before you, I'm falling before you'. Would only use the happy bits though.

Love scene:
-- lol, what is this a comedy or a tragedy?Pretty funny.

Fight scene:
-- Nice karate scene music.

Breaking up:
What Did I Ever Give You?
--"What did I ever give you
When you wanted me to
All I gave you was pain
And a look of distain
What did I ever give you
When you wanted me to
All I gave you was grief
Are you sick to your teeth?

back to my place
I'm a complete waste
of your time"
Awesome song.

Getting back together:
Sexi Plexi
-- 'You're breaking your mind'?

Secret love:
Counting Your Friends
--- 'Well it’s all I got but it happened once again
I’m freakin oh my god'
Pretty good song.

Life's okay:
The Feeling of Jazz
-- Oh yeah, this is so cool.

Mental breakdown:
-- Haha, no way
'Baby, did you forget to take your Meds?'

Fred Jones Pt 2
-- Nice song for scenery out the window. 'Life barrells on like a runaway train where the passengers change, they don't change anything.'

Learning a lesson:
Memory Lane
- Such a great song.

Deep thought:
Fire Away - Gyroscope
-- not much of a deep thought song.

Mess - Ben Folds Five
-- Aw, regretful flashback.

Air - Ben Folds
-- I either drink to much and pass out, or get hit by a car on the way home. Great party.

Happy dance:
Mass Destruction - Faithless
- awesome to dance to, not such happy lyrics though.

Kids Don't Sell Their Hopes too Fast - Josh Pyke
-- aww.. perfect one.

Long night alone:
Glosoli - Sigur Ros
-- I love this song. Perfect for a melancholy scene.

Death scene:

It's a long life to always be longing - Hawksley Workman
-- Appropriate-ish.

Closing credits:
Doctor Doctor - Gyroscope
-- One of my favourite songs.. great for rocking out to.


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