4 Mar 2011, 23:38

I don't go to that many shows but whatever.

18/02/2011 - Kate Nash @ Billboard The Venue
With Tessa & The Typecast
This was my second time seeing Kate in six months and she was even better the second time around. She played a really good mix of the two albums + more. She has such good stage presence and puts so much energy into her performance. And she looked so adorable (not unlike Minnie Mouse). I'd never heard Tesse & The Typecast before but they were a wonderful support act and were a lot of fun.

19/02/2001 - The Getaway Plan @ HiFi Bar and Ballroom
With Tonight Alive and Secrets in Scale
TGP are never, ever boring. It was so good to see them together again (since I missed their farewell tour AND their two random shows late last year). Their new stuff is really different but really great and it was good to meet Matt and Clint again. Tonight Alive were wonderful and Secrets in Scale were.. alright.

03/03/2011 - Soundwave @ Royal Melbourne Showgrounds
I saw: Social Distortion, The Gaslight Anthem, Thirty Seconds to Mars, We the Kings, Never Shout Never, The Blackout, Mayday Parade, Bayside, Queens of the Stonge Age
Majority of the bands I saw were not my choice because a) I wasn't that interested in the lineup and b) I took my younger cousins to their first festival so I was with them. Highlights were definitely Social Distortion and The Gaslight Anthem, I had so much fun seeing the both of them (even if I was by myself). Thirty Seconds To Mars were also wonderful which I didn't expect. I'd heard bad things but they really interacted with the crowd well and I almost got on stage at the end (which wouldn't have been that special since there were like 50 people already on there but still would have been fun but the asshole security guard wouldn't let any more of us on). Never Shout Never was extremely disappointing - although I've never heard him/liked him, his stage presence was awful and he just seemed like a massive wanker. But the biggest disappointment of the day was the fact that Sum 41 had to drop out :(

03/04/2011 - Kisschasy @ The Arthouse
With Anchors Away and Viking Frontier
I have now seen my boys Kisschasy eleven times and they have never disappointed
me. Their set was unbelievable - they were saying goodbye to The Arthouse which is unfortunately closing it's doors soon so they brought back some really old songs (Reminder, One Mistake just to name a few). They were clearlyh having a good time, joking around with each other and the audience. Being a really small venue it was very intimate and just really nice. Not the biggest fan of Anchors Away (sorry Karl) but they did do a good job. Viking Frontier were also rather wonderful.

07/04/2011 - City and Colour @ Palace Theatre
With Hey Rosetta!
Oh. My. God. I don't even know what to say about Dallas Green. He is such an incredible talent and performer. The setlist was absolutely perfect - a really good blend of old and new songs (the new songs sounded AMAZING by the way). He shared a lot of jokes with the crowd and at one point asked everyone to ignore their phones/cameras for a song just to remember what it was like to go to a show and just enjoy the music without worrying about all that other stuff. It was phenomenal. Hey Rosetta!, who I'd never heard before, blew me away. They were the perfect fit for a City and Colour support act and I'll definitely be looking more into them.
After the show my friends and I waited around for about an hour and a half and Dallas came out for a chat, photos and autographs and he was the loveliest guy ever. He was so interested in talking to everyone and had proper conversations with us all rather than a, "hey, hope you enjoyed the show" kinda thing. He was so happy to pose for photos and sign things, even bringing his own marker. Just such a great show - every part of it.

13/04/2011 - Good Charlotte @ Rod Laver Arena
With Short Stack and New Empire
This was my first time seeing GC and they blew my mind. I've been listening to them since I was 11 so it was incredible to finally see them. Joel's voice was a bit off (it was extremely croaky and pretty much almost gone) but he didn't let it get in the way of performing. Their stage presence was amazing and they were one of the few international acts I've seen who genuinely love Australia and I think that showed in the way they performed. Every time they pronounced Melbourne correctly (it's not Melborrrrrrn, it's more like Melbn) I swelled with pride. New Empire weren't too bad but I thought it was kind of a weird mix for them to be playing with Good Charlotte. And Short Stack - well, let's not go there. I did want to punch a lot of people in the face (eg. a girl who kept bragging that Shaun from Short Stack spat water in her mouth. That's actually fucking disgusting, you idiot).

03/03/2011 - Groovin' The Moo @ Prince Of Wales Showgrounds
I saw: The Wombats and a whole bunch of bands that I don't listen to.
Yeah, I'll admit it - I only went for one band. I know under any other circumstance that would be a stupid idea but a) in 2008 I went to see them and they cancelled as soon as I arrive at the venue, and b) I live right next to the showgrounds so if I didn't go I would have heard it from my bed and cried. And it was so fucking worth it, they were incredible. It was a really great mix of both albums - they obviously played a lot from This Modern Glitch since it's brand new but they also played some of the oldies which was so much fun. They're such a good band to just chill out and dance to. The other bands were a lot of fun too, I will admit it. But to be honest I don't even remember who I saw besides Gyroscope, Datarock and Art Vs. Science.

18/06/2011 - Barratt Waugh @ The Palms At Crown
If I'm completely honest, it was a Cliff Richard and Dusty Springfield tribute show and Barratt was just supporting. I'm just not going to get into my complete and utter hatred of tribute shows though. I've been completely smitten by Barratt Waugh's voice since early 2006 and was so stoked to see him perform live. I'll admit, I was super pissed off when he only performed 3 songs but he did them so well that I can't even complain. First was She's Like the Wind by Patrick Swayze which was absolutely beautiful. Interrupted by my mother yelling at me because she couldn't work the camera but it was still so enjoyable. Second was I Love You, Goodbye which is the title track from Barratt's album which has finally been released here in Australia. And last was Somewhere over the Rainbow which was just... wow. Mesmerising. His voice is one of, if not THE best, I have ever heard in my entire life. Had a chat to him after the show and he's so lovely which just makes it even better. I can't get over it. Easily one of the best performances I have ever, and will ever, see.


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