• You wear your shoes like a dove.

    24 Sep 2007, 3:19

    Sat 22 Sep – Interpol

    Interpol were fab. Caitlin S drove me, and she's neither the go-early-to-stalk-the-band type nor the stay-late-to-stalk-the-band type, so I had no chance to try and rape Paul. Oh wellz. Due to the whole assigned-seats-at-the-Ryman thing, we got there about ten minutes before Liars were supposed to start, meaning we got there about twenty or twenty-five minutes before Liars started. Emily went to their in-store at Grimey's earlier and said that they were really good, but I wasn't really feeling them, except for a couple of songs.

    Due to it being the Ryman and all, everything sounded really badass, but the seating sucked. It's all benches, and they're all pretty close together because it was built before Americans were generally fatasses. Therefore, there is little room for anything other than head-bobbing and foot-tapping, possibly combined with some awkward swaying. With my vertical challenges, the seat parts of the benches are exactly the same height as the backs of my knees. Yeeeah. And then in the very front, there were a couple of rows of folding chairs, presumably for the *~special people~*.

    It was a great show, although it would have been a lot better had I been capable of moving. Our seats were in the eighth row on Carlos D's side, although I couldn't really see him except for those brief moments when he wasn't lurking at the back. He wasn't wearing the spurred cowboy boots. Maybe they would have looked weird with the long coat? I pretty much had a small window between peoples' heads where I could see Paul and not much else. Sam's badass mafia thing sounded really good, but I couldn't see him at all. I think their stage prescence fits their sound really well, really solid. The definite highlights were pretty much all from Antics (Slow Hands, Evil, Narc, Take You On A Cruise) with the addition of The Heinrich Maneuver. I wish they'd done Roland, Public Pervert, and Length Of Love. I can't remember much about the setlist other than that they opened with Pioneer To The Falls and the last song before the encore was Not Even Jail. I took a video of the last four minutes of Not Even Jail. It sounds pretty good, but it's too big for YouTube.

    Oh yeah. I saw a guy who looked like uhh one of those ones in the Raconteurs that isn't Jack White or Brendan Benson. The one with the glasses and the hair. uh, yeah.
  • Mainstream Rating

    21 Abr 2006, 2:41

    the idea: find the average number of fans for your ten most listened to bands. divide by maximum possible average number (going by global charts currently) for a percentage.

    mine are as follows.
    Franz Ferdinand 185,434
    The Libertines 72,099
    Pulp 65,758
    Arctic Monkeys 72,383
    The Futureheads 64,839
    The Pipettes 7,247
    The Beatles 267,601
    The Smiths 132,916
    The Rakes 21,583
    Kaiser Chiefs 78,921
    average [raw rating]: 96,878.1
    maximum: 233,232
    mainstream rating: 41.53718%