• Awesome!

    17 Nov 2012, 5:51

    Wed 14 Nov – Life in a Beautiful Light

    Thats was so nice this evening, Amy was freaking cute all the time, she thanked the audience after each song and she was blushing!

    He voice is so amazing, how could such a little girl make so many noise?

    Thanks for this concert and the 3 songs extra, we love you!
  • Depeche Mode Berlin Olympiastadion

    11 Jun 2009, 5:09

    Wed 10 Jun – Depeche Mode - Tour of The Universe 2009

    First of all, sorry Berlin for sounding harsh, but i need to say some bad things..;)

    I arrived @ the Olympiastadium around 20:45 and i heared? -- Nothing! --
    Okay, people, whats up with you? Is there a great concert or are you guys a club of pensioners? Lame ducks everywhere, i was dissapointed! ;(

    On time 9 pm, Dave, Martin and Andrew entered the Stage, the setlist should be well known, but for all others, here is it again:

    The first one and a half hour, the crowd was totally lazy!!
    No Hands, less singing, many people walking around, no celebration ..
    I was shocked! In comparsion with Leipzig there was nothing!

    In Leipzig the crowd was crazy from the very beginning, In Berlin, lazy till 3/4 of the concert, shame on you berlin, They dont deserve such a blame!

    But you got the bill, Dave didnt get stripped his waistcoat as he did in Leipzig after a couple of songs.

    Okay, now the good things :-)

    To see 70.000 people and to hear the imposant noise was it worth to wait this time, during and after Enjoy the Silence Berlin woke up, but far to late... Anyway it was again a perfect show, Dave seems to be fit as never before, he plays with the audience, Martin has still his little boy behaviour and is only sweet... somehow ;)

    Conclusion, the one and only capital of synthpop in germany is Leipzig.
    If there will be a next time, i reecommend to visit the show there.

    Berlin. dont be angry and dont take it personally!
    Next time, just do it better :-)

    Reach Out and Touch Faith!

    Added by czarnefrugo

    Lame Ducks on "Peace"

    Awaken Audience on "Enjoy the Silence"

  • Discography

    12 Mar 2009, 21:27

    With the release of "Interface" in april 2005, Liquid Divine managed to convince critics and consumers by a mixture of danceable elements and the creation of an unique futuristic sound. "Interface" has been released in Germany, USA and Poland so far. One song of "Interface", "something trivial", became a clubhit and has been released for radiopromotion in form of a limited remix-single in Poland.

    In january 2007 Liquid Divine release their second record called "Black Box" via Infacted Recordings in Germany and as a 2CD-Edition in Poland via Vision music. "Black Box" combines the fortes of "Interface" with fresh influences of very modern electronic music, a style which finally presents the fusion of body and mind.

    After the release of “Black Box” Liquid Divine did a support-tour for Seabound, followed by several gigs with Sono, Assemblage 23 and another. In 2008 Liquid Divine released “Sojourner” [vocals by Frank M. Spinath] to present a forerunner of their 3rd longawaited and forthcoming album “Autophobia”.

    Liquid Divine returns for a 3rd strike. The album will be released via Infacted Recordings in Germany and Western Europe and via Vision Music in Poland.

    “Autophobia” will probably contain 12 tracks including guest vocals performances by Frank M. Spinath [Seabound | Edge of dawn] and Yrea [Concise]. Stay tuned for more detailed information concerning the making of “autophobia”, tracklist, artwork and release dates!

    INTERFACE releasedate: 04-11-2005
    BLACK BOX releasedate: 01-26-2007
    AUTOPHOBIA releasedate: 10-23-2009
  • For my Information ...

    17 Dic 2008, 23:03

    Hi there, its almost Christmas and i still dont like Blogs, but i want to figure out, who is reading the crap from other people, so lets do a small experiment.

    Whoever is reading this, please be so kind and attache something, nothing special, just some useless thoughts...

    Thanks in advance!
  • hmmm..

    17 Ago 2007, 22:14

    Eigentlich halte ich ja den Hype, der um Blogs gemacht wird für übertrieben...

    normally i dont like blogs, in my opinion the Hype is exaggerated...