Isis at Neumo's, June 20th 2009


22 Jun 2009, 16:16

The show opened up with Mamiffer. A one guitar and piano player set…umm all I remember from them was feedback and noise. I didn’t give them much of my attention as I was more pre-occupied with purchasing my badass panoramic poster (which I’ll have to scan and post on here for you to see, it’s pretty awesome!), and quenching my thirst with some Mirror Ponds. I had shown up late for the show, so Mamiffer was just about done with their set.

Thrones was up next, a side project of Joe Preston’s. So I was kind of expecting an actual band…? No, not so much. It was just Joe, all by himself on stage with his bass. With music pre-recorded and playing off a computer. It’s not that it didn’t sound bad, I just found it kind of odd. If I hadn’t been there just to see Isis, I would have been disappointed in the supporting acts. I was just bored I guess.

Now, like I said in one of my previous show reviews that you’ll have to excuse my poor memory, but I can never remember in any order, or exactly all what songs they played. I do remember them playing Hall of the Dead, Ghost Key, Hand of the Host, In Fiction and Threshold of Transformation. Obviously they did play more than just those. Now the real question for me is what did they play on their encore? I want to say it was something off of their Celestial album.

Either way, the guys put on an AMAZING show! They were spot on perfect and loud as hell, my ears were ringing for a good day and a half. I enjoyed the show in front and center of the stage being able to see everything the whole time. Well at least when I had my eyes open and was watching the stage and not bangin my head haha which by the way, I was told that supposedly I was being a little brat in the mosh pit, pushing everyone? I’m sorry but if you can’t stand the pit, get the fuck out! Right!!? Sheesshh.

Anyways, their closer…unFUCKINbelievable piece to end a show with! If anyone that went to the same show can tell me exactly what track that was it’d be appreciated. It was such a heavy soul crushing experience that I thought for sure I was going to pass out right in the middle of the pit. It was so hot and muggy there in the middle that by the time it was over and done with I was completely covered and drenched in sweat, stinking to high hell. When the show ended we exited the venue for some much needed fresh air. I had really wanted to stay around afterwards and see if I could meet the guys when they came out, but I had put ALL of what energy I had left into the encore…I was ready to go back to the hotel, eat some burritos and pass the fuck out!

The show was definitely one of those that you wish would never ever end, or that you could just live over and over again, but I’ll just have to wait another two years…

I did get confirmation that the closer was in fact Celestial (The Tower) but done in a bit of a different way. An awesome way!



  • i_rabbit

    Great show that. I took my son Nate (his first show) and it blew our collective minds!

    24 Sep 2009, 21:48
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