Pick 10 artists that you love before reading the questions


5 Mar 2012, 2:46

1 • SHINee
2 • 2NE1
3 • f(x)
4 • 4minute
5 • Super Junior
6 • 소녀시대
7 • 인피니트
8 • Perfume
9 • miss A

What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
Into The New World

What is your favorite song of 8?

What kind of impact has 1 left on your life?
Oh gawwwd. I don't know how to say this. It's just too much.

What are your favorite lyrics of 4?
Thats kinda hard....

How many times have you seen 5 live?
3 <3

What is your favorite song by 7?
Before The Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn

Is there any song by 3 that makes you sad?
Sorry (Dear Daddy) </3

What is your favorite song by 9?
Hmm.....Break It or No Mercy ;)

When did you first get into 2?
When they debuted ;D

How did you get into 3?
It was like 3 months after they debuted I remember I didn't really like La Cha Ta but then I litsened to it again and~~~~~~BAM I'M IN LOVE

What is your favorite song by 4?
I My Me Mine

How many times have you seen 9 live?
I've seen them at Music Bank

What is a good memory concerning 10?
Lol. When I almost touched C.A.P's hand, but some other crazy bitch fan pushed me out of the way

Is there a song by 8 that makes you sad?
No not really. I don't speak Japanese so I don't know what the lyrics means. All of their songs seem upbeat so they don't make me sad

What is your favorite song of 1?
Shout Out....Romeo+Juliette....In My Room....Y.O.U....Ready Or Not....SHINee Girl....Get Down and many more


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