The Year in Music: 2007


8 Dic 2007, 7:16

So, in this entry, I decided that I would look at the songs I listened to most this year, and record what I felt, and really what what made me listen to them so much this past year. I won't do every single song in my top 50 tracks, but just a select 10.

1. Royksopp: In Space.
[So, I just feel like I'm floating in space. It's so relaxing an stress relieving...and I've needed that a lot this year.]In Space

2. Coldplay: The Scientist.
[One of my all-time favorite coldplay songs. It was back in high school, and I guess still reminds me of those days. Just a good song.]The Scientist

3. Gotan Project: Last Tango in Paris.
[So, I kinda got in touch with my euro side of musical taste this year. It makes me feel like I'm on a damp cool back-street in paris somewhere. Any song that can take me on a journey like that is worth listening to.]Last Tango in Paris

4. De-Phazz: Cut the Jazz
[Again, euro side. First song I heard by them. Definitely one of the best. To me it represents branching out of my musical taste. No more top 40.]Cut The Jazz

5. John Mayer: Slow Dancing in a Burning Room.
[This is how I felt about love, and life in general a lot this year. I was going through a lot of change. So soothing, and the words sang true to me.]Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

6. John Mayer: St. Patrick's Day.
[My favorite JM song of all time, though the previous one runs a close second. It just paints a beautiful picture in my mind of love and happiness. The counter to Slow Dancing in a Burning Room.]St. Patrick's Day

7. Maroon 5: Sunday Morning
[Another great picture of love. It just makes me smile, and of course i love the upbeat vibe. It's happy stuff.]Sunday Morning

8. Reik: Yo Quisiera
[So, I just got into Reik this year. I don't really have a feeling or expression for this one. I just like it. That's all.]Yo Quisiera

9. Kyoto Jazz Massive: Nacer do Sol.
[When I listen to this song, I feel like I'm waking up to a brand new, fresh, and beautiful morning. It helps me relax, like most KJM, and to feel content about the day.]Nacer Do Sol

10. Maná: Tengo Muchas Alas.
[While it's a melancholy song, I always felt a sense of peace when I heard this song. No matter how bad things get, I can always get out of it. Things will always get better.]Tengo Muchas Alas


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