Trapped In Octavarium's Full Circle - Second


16 Oct 2011, 22:38

Song: Dream Theater - The Answer Lies Within
Interval: Second
Octavarium Lyric: Asking questions, search for clues /
The answer's been right in front of you

This song is an interesting departure from Dream Theater's "norm." The regular trademarks of blazing solos, complex arrangements, and odd time signatures gives way to a mellow, relaxing, simple structured song. Where one would usually expect a guitar solo, one finds that the calming strings section of a orchestra takes over the melody. Additionally, instead of lyrics about far off subjects or messages left for the listener to interpret, it boils down to a simple, inspirational message: Everything you need to succeed in life is already within you.

Everyone eventually runs into that brick wall in life that makes them question where they are, makes them feel lost and helpless. Careers, love, happiness, life; they're all different for everyone and there's no simple roadmap to find any of them. It's so easy to get caught up looking for answers that days, months, and years can slip us by; we often forget that we only have a finite amount of time. So instead of wasting that time looking elsewhere, we have to remember that deep down, we know how to press forward in life and make the most of it. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of that, whether that means we have to be inspired by something or make the realization that we had it all along, locked away behind walls inside our mind.


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