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  • Philson91

    of daisuke tanabe? haha, glad you are liking it. this is pretty recent. i don't even know what to call his style of music, then again, does it matter? as for artificial sweetener, that is some trippy shit!!

    20 Nov 10:47 Responder
  • Takuza

    Well yea the media hype is what messed him up in the first place, but man..."I'm not expecting to win a championship right away." then Wiggins gets traded for a prime K-Love. Okaaayyy bitch please stop lying

    24 Sep 4:09 Responder
  • dalenathefunky


    13 Sep 21:10 Responder
  • phillybird

    where it all started

    13 Sep 18:54 Responder
  • UrHomie

    amazing tase

    5 Sep 5:42 Responder
  • halfstreet

    3 years later and I'm finally starting to get it.. Jay Elect that is..

    20 Ago 22:03 Responder
  • Takuza

    Hey! Yea man, long ass time, but I still remember talking to you back in the day. There's no reason why it needs to stop there, you know? Haha. How have you been man? Lol, Lebron couldn't win without Ray Allen bailing his ass out that one year, and the series verus OKC...pls man, the refs keps calling fouls and kept stopping the game in MIA's favor to keep Westbrook and KD out of rhythm. A chip is a chip, and now he has 2. But I hate how sports news channels keep hyping his ass up. He isn't clutch at all, and only takes shots that are super open and comfortable for him to take, otherwise he passes to Birdman or Haslem and puts them in a bad situation with 3 secs left on the clock. I remember Carmelo scoring 62 vs the Bobcats in 3 quarters and it barely made a peep on social media and the news. Then Lebron scores 61 in 4 and everyone goes crazy and ESPN dares compare that performance to Kobe's 81. Fuck that man. Seriously. I still dislike Lebron with a passion, flopping, etc.

    17 Ago 1:59 Responder
  • jonpwnsu


    2 Ago 23:45 Responder
  • S_Dot

    Jon! What's up, man! Long time, right. I was going to catch up with you on FB. I'm good, bro. I don't think there is anything new (music wise) per say that you wouldn't have caught up on. I'm liking Burial's new EP and that Shad new album. How about you, man?

    7 Jul 8:56 Responder
  • Philson91

    check this man!

    8 May 20:14 Responder
  • Philson91

    Hahaha, you are still wise I mean. That's pretty sick. Well, nothing much, I did my exchange semester, I am nearly done with my undergraduate, I am still in the Netherlands, I will go back to Germany though, it has been quite a normal student life I'd say. How about you? And how come you are back on, that quite frankly is amazing. I was becoming a dead profile on after most of my people here zipped out somewhen two years ago. visited from time to time when in need of remembering music or something. haha, reading your description, true dat! 2 mcchickens every month. man, i can't believe i paid for this page. it is so bad nowadays.

    25 Abr 20:46 Responder
  • PhoenixRhythm

    Yo, been awhile man. I've, I've been whatever. I'm barely ever here anymore (not super active on Tumblr these days either) since basically everyone I talked to on here (or three) is pretty much gone or rarely ever around. Been slowly cleaning my library since there's a lot of stuff that I'm just not that into anymore or think is too "juvenile" for me now. Haven't really been in the mood to listen to music and play around with my library for hours and hours like I used to so it's taking awhile. Figured I'll add all the stuff I'm sitting on in my downloads after I'm done cleaning up. Tried my hand at professional reviewing for a bit earlier this year but dropped it out of lack of responses.

    25 Abr 18:16 Responder
  • Shandd

    What's up Jon? Long time no speak. I'm doing pretty well myself man, just a bit busy with college and all that jazz. I always forget to turn the Scrobblr on so you don't see shit on my profile lmao. My iTunes library is getting out of control though, rougly 90GB now. (although that's probably still nothing compared to yours)

    23 Abr 15:54 Responder
  • jamesaka2

    word. I'm good, still work/study/sports (in no particular order). Haven't been on here much either... This slowly turned into one of those websites I slowly left... remember I wanted to stay with Google Play over spotify? I ended up converting to the mass cult, *cough cough*, mass movement of Spotify ;). I hope I don't go converting more and getting a snapchat next... whatever the hell that is. You goood mann?

    17 Abr 1:07 Responder
  • sjm26b

    Im big into Homeboy Sandman (stones throw). See you havent checked him out. Another dude to check out is deM atlaS. Recently signed to Rhymesayers. Reminds me of The Pharcyde a little bit with his flow and intonation.

    17 Abr 0:56 Responder
  • sjm26b

    HAHA. That was a long fuckin time ago that I said that! K.R.I.T. doesnt get the respect he deserves. He showed up to my campus earlier this year to a relatively small crowd (about 500), while people went ape shit for Kendrick Lamar when he came. Both equally talented IMHO.

    17 Abr 0:56 Responder
  • doctorbagr

    hey Jon, I've been doing great, but I guess that doesn't necessarily involve scrobbling and being on for me. :]

    16 Abr 5:33 Responder
  • shaolin86

    Hopefully he hasn't left permanently, that'd be a real bummer. Yeah, love GOT although I'm a bit of a latecomer, only got into it a few months ago but am up to speed (both the TV series and the books). I kinda know what's gonna happen in series 4, but the series sometimes portrays things differently to the books.

    9 Abr 6:35 Responder
  • shaolin86

    Yeah, Akin is missed, but it's a great album nonetheless.

    29 Mar 16:48 Responder
  • LUCE08

    great taste

    21 Mar 23:33 Responder
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My iTunes library is the most organized thing in my life. I'll listen to and enjoy any genre, but hip-hop is my first love.

...And in my defense, I made this username when I was 15.

I used to run a music blog that people actually visited and trusted my music opinion. If you were someone who fits in this category, I humbly thank you. Reading old shouts makes me feel like a celebrity.

If we ever used to talk on Last.FM, or ever did, hit me up with a shout. I'd like to start using Last.FM more.

...I remember one time I paid for a Last.FM subscription. Man, I could've bought two McChickens with that every month.

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