From the middle of a sandstorm...


6 Jul 2009, 13:30

It’s been some time since I posted anything here with my mind and fingers, audio or otherwise. It’s not for a lack of inspiration; more just a lack of time, and the fact that Jon Nice now lives in the UK, while I’m in the UAE. It’s frustrating. You see, it’s very satisfying to put songs like ‘The Wassailing Song‘ and ‘The I Don’t Know Song‘ on the net and see them get a decent airing. It’s odd, too, to see which take off and which flounder. The songs you work on for a year, seasoning them with all the imagination you can muster (take ‘Friday Night‘, for example) often sink without a trace, while the likes of ‘Time to Say Goodbye‘, which was coughed up, arranged and recorded all within the space of ten minutes, take off and get plenty of listeners (plenty by our standards, anyway - anything over 20 has us smiling). If we had the time, we’d put stuff on the site everyday, though I suppose there’s something to be said for quality control, too.

Thanks to those of you who seem to enjoy what we’re doing. Work continues on new stuff - probably more basic than the last EP (’Electric Grizzle‘), because the acoustic things are what we enjoy playing most. I’ll be dropping by the Nice abode in September; hopefully the weather will be good, so we can get outside and work on something to follow up last year’s ‘Niji No Matsubara‘. When the weather cools here, I’m looking forward to doing some location recording in the Empty Quarter. It’d be great if Jon could join me for that - we’ll have to see how his schedule looks once he starts teaching again. There’s also talk of a gig in Camden this September. Pop along, if you’ve the time and the transportation. It’ll be a fun thingumy to look at with your ears…


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