Top 10 of 2009 (COMPLETE)


16 Dic 2009, 18:29

Top 10 | 2009


Portugal. The Man | The Satanic Satanist
Easily enjoyed it first listen. "this entire album is a masterpiece"
I stated that in August of this year and it hasn't changed yet. Standout
track for me is The Home. Great artwork. Reflective of the uplifting
opener People Say. Double plus is the acoustic album of these tracks.


Dinosaur Jr. | Farm
Partly branching off of arguments that J Mascis infact sounds nothing
like Eddie Vedder and the fact Mascis has been performing alot longer
has amounted to not only the 2009 release of Farm but the earlier album
Beyond becoming my all time favorites. Just as layered and powerful as
pure guitar, bass, and drums can be. Talent pours every second.
I Don't Wanna Go There contains one of the greatest guitar solos ever.


Monsters of Folk | Monsters of Folk
The gifts have all lost their wrapping and everything's alright.
You glimpse something box-like still wrapped. Another present.
Stuffed far underneath the tree. That is what this album was
like to me. Talented musicians together sharing ideas and
recording pleasent easy listening music.


The Antlers | Hospice
To say the least I am humbly grateful by the recommendation of this album
by a friend of mine. Thank you. Sure it's in here because it's no different
then what is going on in my life currently but underneath that lies
a very sad piece of art. Sad, sad, sad. Exemplary sad.


El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez Lopez | Cryptomnesia
Classic Omar (this will be coined a definitive term eventually amongst
everyone) + synth bass + a distinctively opposite lyrical path for Cedric =
a brilliant package. If not for the reminder of summer zoo trips then Noir.


The Mars Volta | Octahedron
Oh hey double nomination. Amputechture-esque is primarily my reasoning
behind this being on the list. I won't lie that Bedlam was great last year
but I can only hear so much lead drumming. Any anti-Cedric man or woman
will say that his voice never changes but I enjoy his attempt at singing
like he had lessons. Halo of Nembutals has standout written all over it.


Rain Machine | Rain Machine
Provocative instrumentation. Seemingly raw to the touch.
And Kyp's vocal is outrageously overly expressed to perfection.
And I especially enjoy naked black women riding mystic beasts.


Arctic Monkeys | Humbug
Nothing one-dimensinal about this one. Alex Turner's exceptional
dark vocals and abstract lyrics pulsate throughout. My personal favorite
is Dangerous Animals. For as short as it is, Crying Lightning, the single
off the record has one hell of a watery/lightning solo.


Atlas Sound | Logos
With more focus on quality sound and less filler Bradford Cox,
in my eyes, topped Deerhunter's Microcastle on his own. Guest appearance
tracks are my personal standouts: Walkabout (w/Noah Lennox) and
Quick Canal (w/Laetitia Sadier)


HORSE the band | Desperate Living
I love nintendocore. Nah, just kidding. I do however see fit to include
this album because of it's album cover. Every song is fun. Ewwwww @ fun.
Big Business is where I climax every time.


  • getinorgetout

    aww man i forgot to include atlas sound on mine! i couldn't really get into rain machine, i don't know why.

    16 Dic 2009, 22:51
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