Skins Season 3 Music


5 Mar 2009, 19:08

Well Skins is back on our screens and as ever, the music is really good with a fantastic mix of new, old, obscure, prominent and generally eclectic.

Only 6 episodes out of the 10 have been broadcast so far, but here's some of my favourite music from what's been shown. I'll update this as new episodes are available.

Episode 1

An introduction to the new cast and some great music to fit with their personalities.

Son Of The Father by Fucked Up welcomes up to the first episode and Freddie causing general mayhem in Bristol on his skateboard.

Monsters Under The Bed by Eugene McGuinness welcomes up to the first assembly in the fictional Roundview College, pop-py, eclectic and very original!

I'm the Man Who Loves You by Wilco. As Cook introduces a slightly confused JJ to the wonders of the girls in the college, this plays in the background - a perfect fit and incredibly catchy pop tune!

Nefi and Girly by Asobi Sesku serenades us with pop/rock perfection as the producers tease us with what's coming up in the next 9 weeks! Gorgeous!

Episode 2

Probably my least favourite music, dominated by heavy rock as the... vivacious Cook enjoys his 17th birthday doing all the things he probably shouldn't.

Don't Stop Me Now by Queen is probably my favourite Queen song and epitomises everything that Cook holds true...!

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor - another one that I can't stop listening to - a definite classic!

Kayleigh by Marillion. As the episode takes on a more poignant tone, another fabulous 80s song plays.

Ace Of Spaces by Motorhead. At the end of the episode, this song pipes up again as Cook dismisses all he has learned from the heart-to-heart with Freddie and perks up again walking down the street.

Episode 3

Focusing on Thomas this week, a newly arrived illegal immigrant from the Congo who has to quickly learn to adapt to survive. As you might imagine, dominated by music from Africa.

I don't know the song that plays as Thomas is introduced right at the beginning of the episode and can't find it anywhere - so if anyone knows it please let me know!

Eye Adaba by Asa plays as a heartbroken Pandora is comforted by her aunt, I have no idea what the words mean but it sounds so beautiful and I love it!

Bi Lambam by Ballake Sissko & Toumani Dibante - a rather obscure one this but iTunes carries it, lovely string music that Thomas plays in the gym of Roundview College when he thinks nobody is listening.

Episode 4

Pandora is portrayed as something of a girly girl, so it's perhaps no surprise that her episode's music is dominated by mainstream stuff. Doesn't mean it's not good, though!

Livin' on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. All it took was some drug-laced brownies for Pandora's straight laced mum to be dancing around to this one! Great rock-out song.

Red Dress by Sugababes - a song I love but don't often admit it - foot tapping and fabulous!

Jump by Girls Aloud. See last entry - makes me want to jump! Love it!

Breaker by Low. Taking on a more sedate tone as the following episode is introduced - this song is downbeat and simply gorgeous.

Episode 5

Skater Freddie's episode is characterised by a mix of very eclectic tunes from a wide range of artists.

Now That I Know by Devendra Banhart. I had this album for ages but never gave it much of a listen until I heard this track playing as Freddie, struggling with his problems seems to have lost his skating edge. Amazing song, great album too.

Love Reign Over Me by David Holmes plays in the background as the following week's episode is introduced. Never heard this song before but think it's fab - love the words!

Episode 6

It's a three horse race as Naomi tries to win the election at Roundview College. Another mix of eclectic tunes for an eclectic personality.

Diamond Day by Vashti Bunyan. Since this song came out, it seems like everyone and their dog has been using it in their TV show / movie / advert - and Skins is no exception. Not that it's a bad thing, it's tuneful and sweet.

Good Weekend by Art Brut is a great rock-out, cheerful song that plays near the beginning of this episode as they file into the college.

White Film by Tujiko Noriko is an interesting choice and certainly one I'd never heard of before but another fab song - downbeat but pretty and the artist has a great voice!

Jump In by High Places - As Naomi and one of the twins cycles happily, this equally cheery song plays in the background. Especially like the "Hey! Hey!" shouts!

Episode 7

JJs trials and tribulations in an eventful 24 hours are characterised by a variety of classical music by Debussy.

The calm after the storm - we see the after effects of JJ getting locked on and wrecking his room with the fairly well known Clare De Lune. A very relaxing piano piece which I think was also featured on the Oceans 11 series of films.

Golliwog's Cakewalk plays in the background as JJ trashed the psychiatric clinic, which curiously everyone else seems oblivious too! Perhaps they are over-medicated...?

As JJ goes off to visit Effy, she's listening to the always reliable Little Richard and the foot tapping Lucille.

Back to Debussy, as the episode finishes we are again treated to Clare de Lune and the rather fine Arabesque No. 1, and that rounds off my favourites in a rather excellent episode - music wise.

Episode 8

Party in the woods? You can probably guess what's coming! Music-wise, this episode was back to traditional Skins territory. My favourites:

Ashley Chambliss - a little more of you plays at the start of the episode, wistful and soulful, as a numb-looking Effy tries to get in touch with Freddie.

As Cook walks to Effy's with a "fuckin' black forest gateaux" and various other groceries, Nice and Easy by Susan Cadogan is playing in the background, very mellow-pop and fun, pity we don't get to hear more of it.

The "shrooms" are kicking in in a fantastically done scene with great music - Gang Gang Dance feat. Tinchy stryder - princes is a perfect tune to be playing here with all the guys and girls (except Katie) totally out of it and having a great time!


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