• Journey To Chicago

    8 Jun 2009, 21:54

    Sun 7 Jun – Drop Dead, Gorgeous, He Is Legend, And Then There Were None

    My crew drove roughly 8 hours to Chicago just to see He Is Legend. It was totally worth it. The show started off with And Then There Were None. Not a big fan. This band could easily be condensed to two members.

    Next up was Before Their Eyes. They had a fill in vocalist, as their regular one was at home with his pregnant wife. Anyways, they were better than ATTWN. That's not very hard to do. Still not my cup of tea though.

    My cup of tea came in the form of He Is Legend. After all, they were the entire reason for this adventure. They opened with a new song, Everyone I Know Has Fangs, immediately followed up by The Seduction. Afterward was another new song, Party Time! This got the HIL fans rocking somewhat, despite the primarily DDG atmosphere. Next was China White. In the middle, Schuylar started singing Sweet Dreams. While random, it was still awesome. China White went straight into Attack Of The Dungeon Witch. The last two songs were Breed (Nirvana) and (((louds. They started I Am Hollywood but then stopped and said bye.

    I thought they did very good. They didn't sound perfect, but I wouldn't expect that from them. Schuylar is a funny guy onstage. I found him very entertaining. HIL had special tie-dyed shirts for sale, all done personally by the band. To sum it up, they rock.

    Drop Dead, Gorgeous is balls. That's all that really needs to be said. The only good that came out of their set was watching this dork in gym shorts try to hXc dance by himself. Sucking at imitating something that sucks in the first place is just funny to me.

    I have no idea why HIL was on tour with any of these bands. Next time they tour, they should be with similar bands or at least good bands. Anyways, listen to He Is Legend.