• Well That Was Cool

    23 Feb 2008, 4:56

    So I was listening to my music on my laptop, while it was not hooked onto the internet and no where near a WIFI connection either. Naturally the Last fm thinger comes up whenever I have my itunes running and for some reason I left it on even though I knew I wasn't on the net. Just got here a little while ago, signed on to the net with my laptop and all that music is updated and showing on my profile.

    So I guess it saves the info for the next time you're online?

  • Well I'll Be Damned

    22 Ago 2007, 18:19

    You know I never realized how often I listen to music and how much until I joined and installed it. I was curious to see just what my stats would be so I have made sure that every time I open up my itunes or pop in a cd that I am signed in to

    Looking at my stats has me asking myself: what would I do without music? I think the answer I'm looking for is "probably go crazy!" LMAO!

    Of course it probably helps that I work from home and I have a lot of online projects to manage. This equates to long hours sitting in front of the computer and jamming away. XD