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Desde el Viernes 18 de Noviembre de 2011 hasta el Viernes 18 de Mayo de 2012 Desde siempre

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Wheelchair-Bound Student Would Have Preferred To Sit Out Pep Rally 0:49 1
Christ Returns To NBA 0:38 1
Nation's Substitute Teachers Would Like To Know Who Threw That 0:50 1
ExxonMobil Swears It's Going To Start Taxes Early This Year 0:50 1
Psychic Helps Police Waste Valuable Time 0:52 1
Homeless Man Bestows God's Blessing upon All Within Earshot 0:45 1
Ducks Only Interested In Area Man's Bread 0:53 1
Local Historian Has Big News for Grover Cleveland Fans 0:42 1
New Desk Chair is a Boring Dream Come True 0:42 1
American Robot's Job Outsourced To Overseas Robot 0:52 1
NASA, NASCAR Merge 1:13 1
Area Man Goaded Into Climbing Mount Everest 0:55 1
Half-Asleep Man Pauses 20 Minutes Between Socks 0:42 1
Sports Drinks Face Competition From New Sitting-On-Couch-Watching-TV Drinks 0:51 1
New Strip Mall Of America Stretches Over 1/6th Of North Dakota 0:48 1
Apartment Set Up To Create Illusion Of Well-Rounded Life 0:52 1
Report: Caucasians Will Soon Be A Minority In Their Own Goddamn Country 0:49 1
Mass Grave Blasted For Lack Of Diversity 0:51 1
Scientist Has Nagging Feeling He Left Particle Accelerator Running. 0:53 1
Longtime Heckler Just Kind Of Fell Into Heckling 0:47 1
Libertarian Reluctantly Calls Fire Department 0:50 1
Teenager Learns Negligible Value Of A Dollar 0:52 1
Owning A Boat Is Not Worth It 1:02 1
Confusing Insult Awkwardly Clarified 0:50 1
Former Couple Will Remain Friends Until One Finds New Sex Partner 0:42 1
U.S. Citizens Form Massive Special Disinterest Group 1:22 1
New Once-A-Month Vitamin Presents Choking Hazard 1:11 1
Highschool Teacher Constantly Uses Janitor As Example 0:48 1
Local Woman Assures Friend She Has Blackouts From Drinking All The Time 0:48 1
Brief Reprieve From Mariah Carey's Christmas Song Comes To Resounding End 2:41 1
Year In Review: Renewable Energy Source Encoded In Charlie Sheen's Rants 0:54 1
Forty-Five-Year-Old Fails To Make Someone Very Happy Someday 0:46 1
Kentucky Senior Finds A Human Thong In His Driveway 0:48 1
Aaron Rodgers Vows To Make Season Interesting By Killing Self 2:37 1
Fourteen-Year-Old Girl Denied Pony Keg For Her Birthday 1:22 1
Only 4% Of Young Girl's Possessions Are Sticker-Free 1:11 1
Plague Of 17-Year Giraffes Decimates U.S. Southwest 0:54 1
Jim Tressel Named Coach Of The Year For Committing Less Horrific Violations - Sports… 2:33 1
Jeff Gordon Never Gets Sick Of Seeing His Face On Cheap Plastic Crap 0:50 1
New Fox Reality Show To Determine Ruler Of Iraq 0:50 1
U.S. Plans To Give Every Iraqi $3,544.91 And Let Free Market Do Rest 0:53 1
Alex Smith Boasts 49ers Have What It Takes To Win Despite Him 2:40 1
98 Percent Of Americans Are Afraid Of 98 Percent Of Americans 1:04 1
Local Woman Dies Of Lost Cell Phone 0:52 1
Series Of Serial Killer Killings Rocks Serial Killer Community 1:20 1
Justin Timberlake Wins Golden Globe For Funniest Goofball At His Table 2:19 1
Tebow’s Defeat Restores Nation’s Faith In God 2:33 1
Sheepish Secret Service Agent Can't Explain How Vacuum Cleaner Salesman Got Into… 0:42 1
Black Conservatives Support Candidate Whose Religion Believes Black People Bear Mark… 3:00 1
Snake Gets Tattoo Of Dude On Its Face 3:00 1
Idiot Man-Child Destroys The Set Of Jeopardy 0:46 1
2011 In Review: Nation Shocked To Find Out Elizabeth Taylor Wasn't Already Dead 1:03 1
Washington Wizards Rallying League To Restart Lockout 2:33 1
Dead Wife And Kids Replaced By Miniature Horses 2:49 1
Tyler Perry Expands His Fan Base With New Films About Sassy, Chinese Grandmother 1:48 1
Virulent Strain Of Soy Flu Traced To Single Tofurky 0:51 1
Football Fans Excited To Watch Patriots Or Giants Lose Super Bowl 2:40 1
Bill's Friends From Work Calling Him 'William' 0:45 1
Embarrassed Steven Chu Accidentally Calls Barack Obama ‘Dad’ In Cabinet Meeting 3:30 1
Panelists Discussing GOP Debate Clearly Didn't Watch It 2:51 1
Area Woman Recalls Days When She Resented Being Hit On 0:52 1
Local Child Amuses Café Patrons—But For How Long? 0:47 1
Crush Lasts Nearly Entire Bus Ride 0:46 1
Green Bay Taxi Driver Has Seen 'Whole Heck Of A Lot' 0:46 1