Temas (13)
Tema Álbum Duración Scrobblings
The Imperial March (From "The Empire Strikes Back") 41
Main Title (From "Star Wars") 41
Here They Come (From "Star Wars") 2:07 41
Princess Leia's Theme (From "Star Wars") 4:25 41
The Asteroid Field (From "The Empire Strikes Back") 4:19 41
Yoda's Theme (From "The Empire Strikes Back") 3:20 41
Parade of the Ewoks (From "Return of the Jedi") 3:34 41
Luke and Leia (From "Return of the Jedi") 40
Darth Vader's Death (From "Return Of The Jedi") 2:52 40
Fight With Tie Fighters (From "Return Of The Jedi") 4:33 40
Jabba The Hutt (From "Return Of The Jedi") 4:00 40
The Forest Battle (From "Return Of The Jedi") 4:06 40
Finale (From "Return of the Jedi") 3:16 40