25 Jul 2007, 4:22

1. Put your music player on "Shuffle"
2. Press "Play" and list the first 25 songs that shuffle on
3. Write whatever story, memory, connection you have with the song underneath it
4. No cheating! No matter how embarrassing the song is, list it!

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1. Easy Does It
Alright - this reminds me of walking in the rain, and whistling the whistle part...anyone who's heard the song'll know what part I'm talking about. I forget where I was going, but it was raining like a bastard.

2. It Takes Time
Why does this always shuffle on? It reminds me of last summer, when I was really hoping they would play it live, but they didn't.

3. Pleasure Seeker
I used to play this CD in my old CD player all the time. It just reminds me of how I was so dependant on that thing, until my mp3 player rolled around.

4. Brightly Wound
I can't even mention how many times I've tagged this song. Reminds me of my Eisley phase in early 2006. Gosh, I love this song.

5. A Fond Farewell
This song was on a compilation disc I got with the July 2006 issue of Q. It was a really sweet CD. This was the first track. It's such a summer song.

6. Fox on the Run
HAHA. This is Detroit Rock City. Lex, running away from the security guards.

7. I Won't Be Left
Ah, the obituous Tegan & Sara phase in 2005.

8. Alternative To Love
Oh man, this is spring 2005 in a nutshell. I remember distinctively sitting outside on my porch, listening to this CD...

9. Intimate Secretary (Live)
They did this song on Zane Lowe, and I have the session on my mp3 player. I listened to it alot when I was in Europe last summer. I think I was on a bus and this came on.

10. Parallel Universe
Dang. 1998, in Ben's house. This was our album.

11. Can't Lose
Oh man, I loved WAS. January, 2006. I would listen to them in English class.

12. Bridge To Nowhere
When I first got the album, I loved this song. But I am so sick of it now, haha.

13. Bella Luna
I went through a HUGE Jason phase in summer 2005...it reminds me of coming back from Alberta, watching the mountains, and listening to it.

14. Snowed Under
I've tagged this more than I could ever have tagged anything. Sheesh. It reminds me of making Nathan listen to it for the first time. He then put it on his mp3 player. Haha.

15. From Now On
Probably one of my most cherished Supertramp songs. My dad would always play this CD in his car.

16. I'm Slowly Turning Into You
I SAW IT LIVE!!! It was fantastic. "Boww...bow bow (whoo!)"

17. That Girl Has Love
I don't even know when I got the album, but holy crap, this was my favorite song. I still love it.

18. Wine Red
Reminds me of when Meghan & I filmed outselves lipsyncing it, HAHA. We need to do that again.

19. Swallowed in the Sea
Whoa, this was probably my favorite off X&Y. It was STUNNING live.

20. Swans (Life After Death)
Once again, saw this LIVE!!! Sooooo...amazing.

21. Pull Shapes
Aw, the first song I heard by them...would have been sometime late last year...LOVE 'EM.

22. Take Me or Leave Me
RENT! My Rent phase. Late 2005. I haven't watched that movie in way too long.

23. We Might as Well Be Strangers
Dangit. So many memories. The one that stands out the most, oddly, is one where I was alone, cooking in my kitchen, singing outloud to this.

24. Dirty Business
I love this song. It was one of the first I heard by them...that's all I can really say.

25. Hello, I'm In Delaware
My favorite of his, due to not only the clever name but the sweetness of this song. Reminds me of when I saw it live.


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