15 things about your 15 top artists


23 Oct 2011, 20:58

1.How did you get into no.13?
Empire of the Sun
my friend showed me "we are the people" and i loved it

2. What's the first song you ever heard by no.8?
The Strokes
Someday or Last Nite, not sure

3. Whats your favorite lyric by no.4?
Arctic Monkeys
alex turner writes beautifully, i dunno.. i guess cornerstone is one of my favs

4. How did you get into no.11?
Led Zeppelin
my friend showed me "black dog" and WOW i loved it

5. How many albums by no.3 do you own?
Dig Out Your Soul, only

6. What is your favorite song by no.9?
The Kooks
hmmmmm... ooh la and seaside i guess

7. Is there a song by no.15 that makes you sad?
The Lonely Island
absolutely not! they're so funny!

8. What is your favorite song by no.12?
Tame Impala

9. What is your favorite song by no.1?
are you kidding me? any of their songs.

10. Is there a song by no.6 that makes you happy?
The Dead Weather
can't recall any

12. What is the worst song by no.7?
The Doors
dunno... maybe 'the mosquito'

13. What is your favorite song by no.5?
Pink Floyd
another brick in the wall -all parts/lucifer sam/young lust/high hopes
sounds poser-like but it's true.

14. What is a good memory you have involving no.14?
The Last Shadow Puppets
a very important person to me likes this band too :3

15. What is your favorite song by no.2?
The White Stripes
so fucking many.


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