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  • momijimanju

    I'm sorry for my late reaply too^^ Oh yes yes :) I like SHINee and Key is my bias. Today I just listening my fav Infinite songs :3 And now I'm waiting for my friend :) Yes, I love Woohyun very much <3 Awww, Myungsoo~ Good choice :D

    14 Ago 17:13 Responder
  • Len_Yamada

    hey you were right, Why Not is really nice :D

    9 Ago 17:56 Responder
  • Len_Yamada

    ok) At least they tried to connect with you guys, it's cute~ I find her mini kinda boring, [french kiss] is the best I think. At least I find 4minute much better than SNSD lol why are SNSD so popular? They're beauties but their music is kinda boring. They fandom is calm and.. little? Most of fans are Hyuna's fans, sadly~

    7 Ago 7:22 Responder
  • Monicajs

    ai que linda, shawol, 4nia e bana, aceitei tutu

    4 Ago 23:15 Responder
  • kanaala

    Guess people just ar elike that.. to them learning somethin as seemingly useless as Japanese is just an nnoying waste of time and energy.. especially since it is so different and requires a lot of studying due to the kanji.^^ // I like reading but I'm not into old German literatzure or sth like that. I just like reading novels. I basically only read crime-related / thriller books or horror books like the ones from Stephen King =) He's my favorite writer :D

    4 Ago 12:28 Responder
  • Len_Yamada

    seems when I say I hate k-ballads I sound like a bitch lol. Key spoke English?? I wonder how's it when you come to k-concert in Korea and they speak korean and you have just look and.. and look :D I wonder how's it when you come to k-concert where idols speak lame English and your English isn't good enough too to understand their accent, especially when it's noisy xDDD Have you listened to Hyuna's mini? Did you see her MV? lol it's kinda... idk what was that :D the only things I like here are Hyuna's make up and her hiprolls, I love her dancing skills *_* Seems the song is senseless so i'm kinda glad even it's stupid it still sounds ok for russian me :D yesterday I went to 4minute's youtube channel, it's funny how Hyuna's teasers reach millions of watces while others get about 200 000 watches. I was surprised Gayoon gets lot of watches, it's great!! I'm getting into 4minute, I don't like it xD

    28 Jul 14:11 Responder
  • kanaala

    Yep, I think that's why we can embrace it all the more =) Cause it's so completely different. And it's actually a great feeling to know you've been able to learn such a language that is from such a far away country and that is so different from your own =) Makes it all the more a great achievement ;-) And I agree as for Japanese it's just that seeing written Japanese probably scares most people away from ti cause it looks so difficult. But if you actually start learning the kanji and hiragana and so on it's fun and youw anna learn more and once you are into it, it's not all that bad XD It actually makes me feel awesome to be able to read kanji :DD // I know, sometimes it just overcomes you! And I'm like" OMG i just fucking love this language" XD I can get annoyed by Japanese from time to time just because I'm yearning fro German a little lately but all in all I just love Japanese :-) // I kknow right!!! I wouldn't wanna exchange German for anything either!! <3333333333333

    27 Jul 12:19 Responder
  • momijimanju

    Aww I'm Aneta :D Awww i like your ava with Taemin <3 What are you doing today? <3

    27 Jul 6:38 Responder
  • Franek-chan

    yes he is ♥

    26 Jul 7:34 Responder
  • Franek-chan

    thanks ;w; he acts like a 12 y/o boy i love it so much

    24 Jul 18:54 Responder
  • kanaala

    Yep, kanji are very nice and interesting to learn! Especially when you're forma completely different background (like us) and kanji are really sth very exotic for us. My friends and family always wonder how I am able to remember the kanji.. haha. my mom says she wouldn't even be able to remember even 1 kanji XD lol and usually people are not interested to learn it because it's too much of a hassle^^. Guess if you are not really interested in Japanese you'll definitely never start elarning the language and the kanji XDDD yep, I love it sometimes when I listen to Japanese song or sth and just realize I really like the language =) but if you have Japanese around you all the time (like I do now), it can also get a little annoying.. then I start longing for German! And that's how I started appreciating the German language more <333 and somehow right now I am very happy to be German and be able to speak German cause it's absolutely awesome =)

    24 Jul 11:18 Responder
  • momijimanju

    Hello^^ Thanks for add and nice to meet you ;) How are you? :)

    20 Jul 9:06 Responder
  • kanaala

    oh, I see. well that's nice^^. but that means your vacation will be over now? // hmm,.,. well I find kanji very pretty and I was always kind of amazed by them.. like I really wanted to be able to write and read them.. i thought that would be very cool.. haha^^. one of the things I like best about Japan definitely is the Japanese language. i like the sound as well as the writing =) such a beautiful language (*-*) but tbh now due to learning such foreign languages and living abroad for a long time, I really came to learn how much German means to me.. it''s an awesome language. haha, guess ones mother tongue will always be the best!? XD // OMG yes I was dying while watching the game.. lol. Argentina had so many chances to score a goal.. waaaah.. so glad when we finally made that goal and won (*-*) i think we really deserved it!!!! seems today there was a huge welcome party in Berlin for our soccer players =) // ~~ aaah.. these people from Argentina do not know how to behave...

    15 Jul 12:18 Responder
  • Len_Yamada

    I've watched 24/7 MV, they're cute! But the song isn't catchy at all for me. I'll listen to Why Not later! It's OK to push people aside i thinkm and I don't know how can japanese fans be so polite and quite. That's good you were mostly enjoying the performance than thinking about cam. So now it seems B.A.P's and Ailee's performance wasn't so important for you xD. I heard about fancams of the WHOLE EXO CONCERT, I wonder how's it to watch the whole concert through the camera screen =_=. Yup, Super Delicate is one of their best tracks! Have you listened to Yamada's solo single? It's very nice! Despite the title is "Mystery Virgin" lol.

    15 Jul 0:14 Responder
  • Len_Yamada

    Not yet. I don't think I'll like it because it seems they sing those korean balades I hate. I really hate it. OK, i'll give a try later, maybe they will be some exception. So you just don't like the crowd and noise like screams and me just ok with everything :) Hm, it's surprising, I've read reports from russian fans from Music Bank in Istambul and they said they were in the closest to stage sector and there wasn't any pressure. They could run freely around the stage. Did you have a chance to record something on your smartphone? :D Yup, I just wonder how do the producers success in choosing so many nice boys at once. Mine is Kei Inoo, you can see him on my sidebar:D i've been a very big fan of JUMP back then! <3

    13 Jul 12:03 Responder
  • kanaala

    #2 here and i do not like to go out in the middle of the night. especially since there are no trains running anyway.. lol

    13 Jul 8:41 Responder
  • kanaala

    I only listen to Aiba, Nino and Ohno solos^^~~ you have vacations because of the world cup??? wow!! lol.. I obviously don't XD actually tomorrow i took half the day off because i need to get up at 4am for the final and after that i need some time to calm down and/or sleep... didn't do that for all the other matches but i think for the final i am allowed to do so XD // yeah it was very tiring to elarn that many kanji. but i also liked studying kanji so it wa skinda okay =) it was just a pain in the ass to revise it and it fehlt bad whenever i relaized i forgot some kanji... but oh well^^~~ you like studying grammar?? i'm not thaaaat into grammar actually.. prefer the kanji studying part maybe XD // well I think they are disadvantaged.. their shorter and skinnier and I just think that because of that they are not made for soccer. so it'll always be hard for them to play against a very tall European team for example. ~~ yeah there are bars like that but i don't think there are many

    13 Jul 8:41 Responder
  • kanaala

    #2 Yeah, that's the advantage if the world cup is hold in your own country XD It was like that for me in 2006 when it was held in Germany.. but I wasn't thaaaaat much into the world cup back then. I watched the German matches I guess.. but nothing else. It's nice that Brazil is cheering for Germany now! Don't worry, we'll do our best to not let you down and win against Argentina! We cannot lose.. my pride doesn't allow that XDD I so hope we will win! I'm just sad I am in Japan.. I do not have anyone to watch the matches with or celebrate in case we win... I can only imagine what is going on in Germany right now. Makes me kinda sad, cause I'd like to be there.

    13 Jul 1:14 Responder
  • kanaala

    I just hope it'll be a song I like XD most of the time all the member's solos are kinda lame to me. I rarely listen to their solo songs. there are some good ones but not really that many. // Yeah, I imagine N1 would be evry hard xD Which is why if I wanna take it I really actually need to study for it.. I just don't feel like studying right now. lol I wish good look for N4!! Yes, the hardest part are the kanji.. also felt this way when I took the N2.. and in general. 14 kanji a week is a lot but actually I learned even more (>-<) at university in the first semester we had to learn 21 kanji a week and starting from the 2nd semester we had to learn 28 kanji a week.. i tried revising as much as I could. but as you say it's easy to forget the kanji.. or at least some of the readings, hard to remember everything. // I think Asians are just not made for soccer after all apparently XD They'll never get to the finals. lol I feel bad for the Japanese, they did not even win one match!!..

    13 Jul 1:12 Responder
  • Len_Yamada

    Yes, she does. I like her without bangs ^^ I don't think so. As long as the artist works good the concert seems good for me. maybe there are some exceptions like concerts of crazy rockers where lots of sweaty men can rape you in the crowd xDDD I heard about concerts where artists divide fans (mostly men I think) in 2 crowds and then these croownd run in each other x__x I JUST NEVER WANT TO BE HERE X_x So if you live in second biggest city it's not very surprising. Of course u'll like HSJ, they're so amazing :D have you got any bias in JUMP? >:D

    11 Jul 12:10 Responder
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