130 BPM Shall Be the Whole of the Law


12 Feb 2007, 11:04

Wanted to start Monday at the office slowly, so I put the DJ Taustanauha hat and headphones on and stuck tracks together while the computer was computing something. Didn't have any special plan nor did I have club-friendliness in mind, so I just started off with something that was 130 BPM and continued on from that. Managed to entertain myself with:

1. Let The Wind Erase Me
2. Fieldlights
3. Happy Fcuking Birthday
4. The Promise (Club)
5. Homesick
6. Devils Work (Accuser Remix By Solitary Experiments)
7. The Immutable Sphere
8. Glassblower
9. Rivers

I just felt like using Skinny Puppy in the end even if it did make the "set" less that danceable. The hilarious bit with using a track as long as The Immutable Sphere was that I actually started to play it before the Tactical Sekt track.

Moments like these remind me of Tom Wright's statement, "I'd rather make tracks than DJ because anyone can DJ".


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