Temas (17)
Tema Duración Scrobblings
Overture: Yet Alone/These Darkended Streets/Time to Dance/Key to the… 5:38 44
Deference for Darkness: Rain/Trailhead/Guiding Hand 6:38 40
More Than His Share: Into the Breach/Becomes the Hunted/Lost and Unfound 5:48 39
The Rookie: Strong Silent Type/Postpartum/Proceed with Caution 7:29 36
The Menagerie: Ground War/Oscar Mike/Unleashed/On the Prowl 6:09 36
The Office of Naval Intelligence: A Heavy Toll/Strong Medicine/Uphill, Both… 8:50 35
Bits and Pieces: From the Ashes/Dead or Gone/Premonition/Something Like Sorrow 7:04 34
Asphalt and Ablution: Still Grounded/Island of War/Hardboiled/Sneaking Suspicion 6:03 32
Traffic Jam: Look Both Ways/Street Sweeper/Rally Point 5:52 32
Skyline: No Response/Pick a Target, Any Target/Love at Long Range/Air Traffic Control 7:01 32
Neon Night: Where One Road Ends/Block by Block/Perception is Reality/Pounding the… 5:37 30
No Stone Unturned: Cast Aside/Nox Aeterna/Marching On 3:22 29
Data Hive: We All Got Secrets/Only One Way In/Core/This Way Up 6:03 27
One Way Ride: Borrowed Time/Anywhere But Here/The Calm Before/Let It Burn 6:50 25
The Light at the End: Another Rain/Through the Divide/All That Remains/Heart and Mind 7:52 25
Special Delivery: From Bones/Still Strong/Extra Firepower/Mercy Plea/Hell of a Night 10:22 23
Finale: From the Ashes (Reprise)/Orbital Drop Shock Trooper/Old Friend/Reborn… 8:12 20