Oxide Radio Indie set: Radio Clash Playlist 2nd week


5 May 2008, 9:56

Please tune in Mondays 10-midnight British Summer time at www.oxideradio.co.uk to hear my indie show. This is the playlist from my show from 2nd week of Trinity Term 2008 (29 April).

If you do tune in (streams live from that website), please leave a comment in my shoutbox!

<b>Songs under 4:14</b>
1. of MontrealShe’s a RejectorHissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?
American guy, despite the name. Definitely not the first or last time you will hear this on the show.
2. The Mae ShiRun To Your Grave -- HLLLYH
First heard this song/band on the Black Hole of BBC1. Loved it from first listen, tried to go see them in Camden before Camden burned down, but it was sold out. From LA. This song appears on their newest album, which got an 8.1 from pitchfork. This is definitely not going to be the last thing you hear from them on this show.
3. Bishop AllenThe News From Your BedThe Broken String
Saw these guys in Baltimore’s Autobar (thanks Rachel!) back when they had a really cute female bassist – I think they’re a bit more famous now than they were then. And I love their album. Thanks to Nathan for turning me on to it. This is from their second album, released in 2007.
4. Blood Red ShoesIt’s Getting Boring By The SeaBox of Secrets
A two-piece punk band from Brighton, England. Actually inspired by a bunch of DC bands like Q and not U and Fugazi. This song of course being about how bored they are with Brighton.
5. The Tough AllianceFirst Class RiotA New Chance
From Gothenburg, Sweden. The album itself is quite good.
6. ArtichokeGalileo Galilei26 Scientists, Vol.1
My favourite concept album ever, and I anxiously await volume 2, though apparently they have just recorded a cover album of the Sex Pistols, so maybe I will never get my long-awaited song about Isaac Newton. Anyway, the band is from LA, and they love science – their website proudly proclaims that they just played the opening of an observatory in CA.
7. Louis XIVGuilt By AssociationSlick Dogs And Ponies
Band from San Diego who formed in Paris. NME wrote that it was “music to flunk rehab to” in 2005, whatever that means, while the Guardian hates them for being politically incorrect. I think they’re pretty rad.
8. The Last Shadow PuppetsThe Age of the UnderstatementThe Age of the Understatement
The side project of Alex Turner from AM and some guy from the Rascals. Northern English rawk, this is their first single. If you get a chance, check out the video – it’s channeling the Beatles “Back in the USSR” in visual tribute.
9. LiarsSailing to ByzantiumLiars
These guys are from all over America.
10. Arctic Monkeys505Favourite Worst Nightmare
What can I say? I love these guys. Let’s take down the mood with a slow song.
11. Timber TimbreLike a MountainMedicinals
Candians! And that’s about all I can find out about these guys – if you know more, please tell me. I love this song a lot.
12. The New PornographersChallengersChallengers
Possibly my favourite album of last year (yeah right, like I can quantify that). Certainly the one I listened to most. From Canadians and Neko Case, this is the most lyrically coherent of the NPs albums.
13. The KinksSunny Afternoon
I’m playing this for Phil, and because maybe someday we really will see a sunny afternoon around here. Apparently this band has 16 former members, according to Wikipedia.
14. The JamThe Eton RiflesSetting Sons
Sent to me by Devin, this song is about a “row going down near Slough” between the Eton boys and the local working class boys (the obvious heroes to the Jam). Recount story about Eton.
15. MGMTWeekend Wars
These guys formed at Wesleyan, are now part of the Brooklyn scene, and toured in support of Of Montreal. They have the most seventies-tastic album cover art ever.
16. EnvelopesSmoke In The Desert, Eating The Sand, Hide In The GrassHere Comes The Wind
These guys have members from Sweden and France. Interestingly there is also a band called Envelope that is from Denmark. Sweetest album art EVER.
18. Mos DefNew World WaterBlack On Both Sides
The best lyrics of any hip hop song I have ever heard.
19. The ThermalsA Pillar of SaltThe Body, The Blood, The Machine
Amazing album, about forty minutes of pure anger at the current American political situation.
20. Throw Me The StatueYucatan Gold -- Moonbeams
This is apparently a guy from Seattle and some friends, according to his last.fm page. According to wiki he has supported Pedro the Lion, the most boring band I have ever seen live. Anyway, this song rules because it reminds me of Indiana Jones.
21. Tokyo Police ClubJunoElephant Shell
I was so excited for this album, having loved all of the EP by this band (who are from Canada). I think it’s a grower – just released. Enjoy this one.
22. MaritimeGuns of NavaroneHeresy And The Hotel Choir
These guys formed from the Promise Ring and the Dismemberment Plan, releasing this album late in 2007.
24. Steel TrainI Feel Weird -- Trampoline
Band from New York. This song is from their 2007 album, their second. I just heard it yesterday, but I like it.
25. Sons and DaughtersThe NestThis Gift
These guys are a band from Glasgow. This is from their third album, released in January. Once saw them open for the Decemberists and thought they were the most intense live band ever. Seriously thought the bassist guy was going to actually blow out his brain on stage with the force of his playing.
26. BattlesDdiamonddMirrored
These guys are from NYC, and are apparently a “math rock” band, whatever that means. This is their first album, released in 2007, and it has been on everybody’s “best of” list.
27. Young KnivesUp All Night -- Superabundance
These guys are from Leicestershire and are known for their love of tweed. This is their 2008 album.
28. Lykke LiI’m Good, I’m GoneYouth Novels
More Swedish people! She is a singer/songwriter from Sweden who was born in 1986, making her younger than both myself and my boyfriend. This is her first album, released in January 2008.
29. We Are ScientistsAfter HoursBrain Thrust Mastery
This band formed at the Claremont McKenna schools, beloved by me because that’s where my best friend went to college. She reports that she saw them perform live at a party and they were “too drunk to play their songs”. I think they’ve gotten considerably better since then. This is the first single from their new album, their third, released in the UK on March 17 but not in the US until May 13. Not that you didn’t download the torrent three months ago, anyway. This song is the last one because it reminds me of my friends.


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