• Ditzky needs your help!

    28 Sep 2011, 20:24

    I need your help for a project I'm working on. It is an experimental recording project, and the more interviews I get the better it will turn out. Tell me if you are interested. The deadline is the end of October, but if you really want to do it but are busy now just tell me.

    I would prefer if you did separate recordings for each section at least. You do not have to do every section or question. Email me your recording(s) after you are done at

    1)Record yourself reading social media statuses (twitter, facebook, google+, etc,)
    2)Record yourself reading news articles or snippets of them
    3)Record reading bits and pieces any other website you choose

    Questions- record the full sentence (ex: What is your favorite food? My favorite food is brussel sprouts.) You do not need to record the question though.

    1)What is your fondest memory, or one of them?
    2)What was your favorite food as a child?
    3)Describe your first memory.
    4)Describe something you did recently.
    5)Describe a potent memory.

    I statements. Record the whole I sentence and complete blank in as many words as you see fit.
    1)I am ___________
    2)I was __________
    3)In the future I will be ___________
    4)I like ___________
    5)I dislike __________